Thursday, 21 May 2009

Move your body every every body!

Now that's just rediculous!!! Someone's got a little too much spare time me thinks!

This week... with the aim not being to become big barry biceps pictured above, but lean fit and strong! (without the use of illicit substances... not that I'm accusing anyone! ahem!)

Monday: 3 hours of cycling

Tuesday: Weights

Wednesday: Swim 45 mins

Thursday: Weights + community fitball class

Friday: Bike ride, walk or jog

Saturday: Weights

Sunday: Bike ride 1 hour
I'll be back later with some more in depth thoughts.... hmmm... let me think!

4 of you love me enough to comment...:

Kate said...

oh my goodness - eeeew!
You would look fabulous with those arms ash! ;)

You are all go go go atm - loving it!

K :)

beetricks said...

No, it's not too much time...someone's daddy is a vet and been dishing out the horse steroids! :P

Bethwyn said...

Dude, testosterone shots much? That's just a tad scary!

I came across your blog in my travels and wanted to say hello. Your journey sounds a bit like mine, I started out 106kgs, my lowest weight being 65kgs, and I'm working my way getting back down there again after having two kids. Currently sitting at 89.6kgs. Just wanted to say you've inspired me a lot and thank you for sharing you're journey :)

Airlz said...

ooh yuk!