Monday, 4 May 2009

Tomorrow.. delicious and nutritious!

Today's food, while within my calories, did not go to plan. I had a training day where lunch was provided and I ended up carb loading without meaning to. (I did do an hour long boxing session and a half an hour walk but I don't like eating up my exercise burnt calories!!)

So I thought I'd have a good think about what to have tomorrow to even things up.

Here goes;

B. 2 poached eggs on toast
S. 1 tub jalna yoghurt, 1 apple and peppermint tea
L. Tuna salad with avocado
S. 4 meatballs and peppermint tea
D. Roast chicken and steamed veggies
S. If I really want a sweet thing I'll have a jarrah chocolatte

YUMMM!!! Love the thought of tomorrow's food... love the thought of size 12 jeans!

The last couple of days of semi-unplanned eating have me worried that my next weigh-in may not be as spectacular as I'd like... My weekends at work are something I need to work on as far as sticking to a plan goes as my workmate is a very go-with-the-flow type of eater and I often have 5 hour breaks between breakky and lunch and then eat too much in the afternoon.

We'll have to wait and see if I can correct the possible damage done before weigh in...


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beetricks said...

FOrgot to tell you about this forum -

It's quite good! Great to read other people's experiences!

ani pesto said...

sounds good, so... did it live up to expectations?