Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Food and love

Yes Ani, my day of food did turn out to be all I was hoping for! I needed to make a couple of adjustments due to time constraints (and other factors) so this is how my day of food turned out:

b. scrambled eggs (1 yolk and lots-o-whites) and was going to have toast but went to the freezer and the rest of the family must've thought toast was a good idea too so no bread! Had a very small bowl of muesli with skim milk as well as I am a hell of a nasty pasty if I don't have some form of carbs in the morning.

s. apple and yoghurt

l. was going to have tuna salad but ended up running late for a course I was doing today so I bought lunch from a sandwich bar... I got a chicken and mega-huge-colourful salad wrap and only ate half the pita. 1/2 a coffee... didn't feel like it so threw it out.

s. tuna and 3 tsp yoghurt

d. chicken and steamed broccoli, cauli, brussel sprouts and pumpkin

s. this is the only thing I shouldn't really have had today... some custard (delicious very thick gourmet custard in the purple tub) I had about half a cup... worth every calorie!

I took my mum's dog out for a brisk 45 min walk this evening and smiled at all the other dog walkers. One guy even stopped to talk to mum's dog and said "hello Buffy"... He knew my mum's dog from the park! She's famous apparently!

To answer a question left in my comments section I met my husband at a church camp when I was 14 and he was 17. I fell in love with him right there but we didn't get together for three years after that.

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Cinders said...

Yummy food day - I like the sound of that custard. Do you buy the frozen egg whites in the carton? I can only find them in Safeway but wondering if there are any other sorts out there.

Anonymous said...




Nicky said...

The cupcake makes me hungry

Olivia said...

Food sounds delicious and oh so good for you too! I hope to have your willpower one day. :)