Monday, 25 February 2008


A quiet day in the office today. Well, it is for me anyway! The girl whose job I will be doing shortly is run off her feet so she’s not able to train me much today. So here I am with time on my hands and nothing much to do. What better way to fill in my time than to blog it away!?

I had a lovely weekend. John and I took Molly to the Collingwood Children’s farm yesterday and we had a beautiful time looking at the moo-cows and the chooks (which Molly was a little scared of- funny, as she’s not scared of mum’s bear-like Labrador!). We stopped off for a bite to eat at Lentil as Anything and indulged in a banquet style vegetarian feast. I LOVE eating good vego food- it feels good for the soul or something. They must put LSD in the chickpea curry! Thay also make a damn good chai latte.

We then wandered around the gardens at the Abbotsford Convent and felt truly relaxed.

Very nice!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Well first of all....

Congratulations to Kate, Stef and Felix! I am so excited to welcome baby Caspar into the bloggasphere (although he has been welcomed on many other blogs already!).

I just want to say how excited and how proud I am of you Kate! You carried yourself so beautifully through your pregnancy and will continue to be a fantastic mummy to two beautiful boys!

Also, congrats to Becky, Scott and Bradman on the exciting news that they will shortly be welcoming a little bundle of BOY into their already fab family!


So, the new job!! I am still very excited as I have been offered and have accepted a position in the head office management team for Traffic Footwear. We have stores in Port melb, Sth melb, Hampton, Hawthorn, Richmond and Sorrento and my job will be to ensure the right stock goes to the right stores, that deliveries are made on time, that the point of sale computer system is operating well and is up to date and I will most likely be doing payroll and other bits and pieces too! The best part is I will be working in a very fun and funky office (where my mum also works- but in a different department) with amazing, talented and creative people. I will be sitting right next to the design team. It is a very flexible position which will allow me to work the equivalent of 3 days a week over however many days I like (does that make sense??).

I want to say a belated congrats to Shauna (Dietgirl) on the release of her new book "The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl" which I  happened to notice while meandering through Borders the other day. I will have to save up some moolah and buy this one soon!! You know you've made it when you are on the front table at Borders! Go girl!

On the weightloss front I am doing okay. Slow and steady wins the race (or so they say) and at this rate I'll be coming in 1st!! I did a fitness test this morning and I did much better than I thought I would. 21 pushups (knees) in a minute and 37 crunches! I also had +20 cms for the sit and reach test (where you sit on the floor and do a forward bend reaching your hands towards or past your toes.) which is an excellent score! I used not to do well in those as my tummy got in the way!

Better go- Molly has just woken up and I can hear a faint "mumma" in the distance.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008



Monday, 11 February 2008

Weekend off!

This weekend (just gone) I decided I would have a little break from my strict plan and have a few things I have been wanting. While doing this I still wanted to be careful not to overdo it but just wanted a bit of freedom so I don’t end up feeling really deprived and bingeing.

So I cooked up some apple and cinnamon muffins and a tray of cannelloni (my fave!) and ate a sensible but delicious portion of each. So that’s out of my system and I am back on track today! Feeling good but it is amazing how quick your body gets used to something as I am really hungry again today. I know I don’t need more food than I am having right now but once you have a day or two off the plan it’s like you think you NEED more food… But it’s just not true!!

So I have made a delicious salad today with crunchy snow peas and alfalfa sprouts and mushies and I am looking forward to eating it soon! YUM!

I did my fitness circuit on Saturday and I’m still sore! Which is great as you need to slightly damage muscles before they can get bigger and stronger. This evening I am going for a nice walk along the Maribirnong River. NOICE!

Thursday, 7 February 2008

My routine...

I know that when I was in the early days of my weightloss journey I loved reading about other people's routine- how did they lose weight? What did they do?! So here's a day in the life of me!

6:30-7am Wake up, breastfeed Molly
8am Protein shake for breakfast (working for me right now as I don't feel like eating)
10:30am peach or apple and a small handful of raw nuts and seeds
12:30-1pm Salad with olive oil and balsamic or veggies with either some lean meat/tuna or another protein shake (if I want something sweet)
3-4pm another piece of fruit and some nuts and seeds or 1/2 a protein bar
6-7pm Lean meat and veggies or an eggwhite omelette or a healthy fritatta with 1/2 cup of grains (eg wholemeal pasta or brown rice)

If I am hungry after this I will have a diet jelly or another piece of fruit.This is working for me and one meal a week I have whatever I like (in moderation) which helps me not to eat those things during the week.

My exercise routine goes like this:
Mon: morning yoga strength dvd
Tues: evening walk/jog around the neighborhood
Wed: evening yoga strength dvd
Thur: eveningwalk/jog around neighborhood
Fri: rest
Sat: footscray saturday morning fitness program (only costs a dollar!!) which is usually based around resistance activities.
Sun: rest

Hope this is helpful!

Just gotta brag!

I weighed in this morning at 84.1!!

That means I have lost 4.4kgs in 3 weeks!!!


Sunday, 3 February 2008

Hoi Hoi!

I have just registered for the 14.14km Run for the Kids on March 30!

Yay! Another challenge!! So there is about 2 months to prepare and by the race I hope to be at 79 kilos. I am currently 85 so thats six kilos in 2 months. Totally doable! The way I am going at the moment I will definitely be there by then!! I am so in the zone right now and having this run to look forward to will keep me on track.

Time to crack open a can of whoop-ass!

Yesterday marked the first inaugural "Footscray Fitness" Saturday morning circuit training session! It is run by my friend (and fitness instructor) at the community house in Droop Street and only costs a gold coin donation! 

I'm sore today which is FAB!

Bring it AWWWWN!!!