Thursday, 7 February 2008

My routine...

I know that when I was in the early days of my weightloss journey I loved reading about other people's routine- how did they lose weight? What did they do?! So here's a day in the life of me!

6:30-7am Wake up, breastfeed Molly
8am Protein shake for breakfast (working for me right now as I don't feel like eating)
10:30am peach or apple and a small handful of raw nuts and seeds
12:30-1pm Salad with olive oil and balsamic or veggies with either some lean meat/tuna or another protein shake (if I want something sweet)
3-4pm another piece of fruit and some nuts and seeds or 1/2 a protein bar
6-7pm Lean meat and veggies or an eggwhite omelette or a healthy fritatta with 1/2 cup of grains (eg wholemeal pasta or brown rice)

If I am hungry after this I will have a diet jelly or another piece of fruit.This is working for me and one meal a week I have whatever I like (in moderation) which helps me not to eat those things during the week.

My exercise routine goes like this:
Mon: morning yoga strength dvd
Tues: evening walk/jog around the neighborhood
Wed: evening yoga strength dvd
Thur: eveningwalk/jog around neighborhood
Fri: rest
Sat: footscray saturday morning fitness program (only costs a dollar!!) which is usually based around resistance activities.
Sun: rest

Hope this is helpful!

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Miss Beck said...

It's obviously a routine that is producing great results!

You've got some great essential fats going there with your nuts/ tuna etc.

Congratulations on your loss this week!