Monday, 25 February 2008


A quiet day in the office today. Well, it is for me anyway! The girl whose job I will be doing shortly is run off her feet so she’s not able to train me much today. So here I am with time on my hands and nothing much to do. What better way to fill in my time than to blog it away!?

I had a lovely weekend. John and I took Molly to the Collingwood Children’s farm yesterday and we had a beautiful time looking at the moo-cows and the chooks (which Molly was a little scared of- funny, as she’s not scared of mum’s bear-like Labrador!). We stopped off for a bite to eat at Lentil as Anything and indulged in a banquet style vegetarian feast. I LOVE eating good vego food- it feels good for the soul or something. They must put LSD in the chickpea curry! Thay also make a damn good chai latte.

We then wandered around the gardens at the Abbotsford Convent and felt truly relaxed.

Very nice!

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Miss Beck said...

Sounds like a blessed weekend and very relaxed.


ladyalisha said...

Lentil as Anything - yum! I love vege food too. You should try cafe Mule in North Melbourne - delicious! - Alisha