Saturday, 27 June 2009

The plan works!

Just weighed in and have lost more! Whoop!! 82.9kg only 6.9 to go! But
one of my goals was just to get into the 70s and suddenly that doesn't
seem so far away!

Looking in the mirror I am starting to see definition in my upper
abdominal muscles which really excites me! The lower ones are covered
in a layer of baggy skin so I think it'll be a while before they make
an appearance!

So pleased!

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Saturday, 20 June 2009

I really really DO want to get to goal!

I need to keep telling myself this!

Recently I have had a pretty successful time with food and exercise! I have been making plans and sticking to them.. And I have lost 3 kilos in the last month which I am super pleased with! The thing that is getting me frustrated is that when I start to do really well and begin losing weight I tend to sabotage my efforts by going off plan with food. A bit of custard or ice cream here, some chips there, a delicious Grilled burger here, a choc-coconut scone there... and all of a sudden I am not being the healthy person I want to be any more!! Lucky for me all the exercise I do has stopped me from gaining any weight.


I know from experience that the only way I can fail at this is if I stop trying to get back on track...

So here we go again!


Just one week.. no one DAY at a time!!

Food choices in the next week will come from the following list:

Egg white omelette with spinach, mushies and tomatoes
Fruit and yoghurt
Muesli and yoghurt or skim
A shake

Veggie soup
Salad and meat/bean wrap or sandwich on grainy bread
Leftover healthy dinner from prev. night
Grilled chicken with veggies and brown rice

Simple meat and low carb veggies

vita wheats or rice crackers with cottage cheese
protein bar
steamed veggies with brown rice
grilled chicken strips

One of my big problems is that I eat too much after dinner... I wouldn't be mentioning it if it was only a little low fat ice cream and fruit, but it's been a little outta control for me recently. So I have decided I am not eating after dinner any more unless we are out doing something special.. Herbal teas are just going to have to be my night time treat until I break the habit.

I have been so tempted to go back on shakes or the soup diet in preparation for starting my PT course... I must be feeling really insecure!! But have decided that I have come this far doing it the sensible way with real food.. and however long it is going to take, I need to finish it the same way.

Anywhoo.. better go do some work!


Thursday, 11 June 2009

You know things are getting serious when things like this start popping up!!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...

This week I have felt a little blahhhh....

I think it was pms. I have been flat and a bit sad and generally not very nice to be around. I have eaten things I didn't really want and haven't done much cardio.

Today is slightly better and I feel a bit less crappy about myself.. I have spent the week thinking about starting this PT course and feeling like I am going to feel SO fat compared to the other pts-to-be. I know this is completely ridiculous as (like my trainer told me) there are plenty of other trainers out there who are bigger than me and have only half the fitness I do... but it's not about what you look like it's about how good you are at training people. She told me I am a people person and am good at motivating people. She also reminded me that I have come a long way and have a great story to share with people about how to set goals and achieve them.

I felt a bit better after that.

I tried to go to training this morning. I got up at 6am and got dressed. I picked up my keys and as I was about to walk out the door I heard a huge crash, John yell "SHIT!" and Molly start screaming... I didn't know what I was going to find when I ran out... She was ok in the end but fell off a tall swivel chair she had climbed up onto (trying to hang her jacket on it like daddy does) and smashed her chin on the stone benchtop on her way to the floor. The poor little thing was beside herself and needed me to hang around and have a slightly less hectic morning than was originally planned. So I drove them to where they were going instead of them having to catch the train... but I missed my session. I am thinking of looking up a class at one of the local gyms and giving it a go tonight.

When it gets cold like this I start to wish I had a gym membership. I love training outdoors in the morning but I am a bit limited when I need to train at night or on my own. Thinking of finding the cheapest (but not the nastiest) local gym option so I can have a plan B for days like today.

Food today has been OK but not amazingly good...
B. Skim latte 1/2 mediteranian roll and a scone (B. delight)
S. Skim latte(#2... I needed it!) and an apple
L. 3 wholegrain Ryvitas with grilled chicken breast and 1/3 of an avocado
S. 2 small mandarines and 3 dates (and a sip of a strawberry rtd protein shake which was thrown out after several gelatenous lumps made their way into my mouth... I did shake it!!)
D. Chicken and vegetable soup

Water... about 2 litres.

Thinking a spin class would be fun.. I wonder if there are any free gym passes on the internet!? To Google I go!