Monday, 26 May 2008

Weigh in 24th May 08

I knew I'd had a good week! I was rewarded with a 1 kilo loss bringing me back to 88.9. So I am off to a good start on my "Get to goal by my birthday challenge"!

Hoorah for me!

I aim for 19 points per day for the next few days as I went over points on Saturday and Sunday and don't want to undo my loss from the last week.

As you may have noticed I have started counting points/calories again recently as I have realised that this works for me. It is not by any means the only or best way to lose weight- if you stick to just about any plan which limits calories you are most likely going to lose weight. But for me I realised that a lot of my bingeing behaviour comes from feeling deprived and if I can count points or calories I can allow a few treats here and there without it affecting my waistline. I do not go to meetings, I just use the material I already have and I weigh myself at home on Saturday mornings. I am also using the WW in your 20s forum as some extra support as things around the blogs are very quiet now compared with how they used to be.

On the exercise front, I collected for The Salvos Red Shield Appeal on Saturday and Sunday for a total of three hours. This involved walking up and down the intersection jingling a tin in the direction of passing cars and hoping they chuck some money my way. We worked out that we walked about 12 kms in three hours. So hopefully my poor eating was neutalised somewhat by the exercise. Tonight I am going to the gym to do some more weights and interval running.

I baked another huge loaf of bread yesterday. I cannot get over how easy it it! I need to look up some healthy bread recipes to experiment with.

That's all from me for now.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Looking forward to weigh in tomorrow--- wha???!!

Yup, thats right- I feel I have done so well this week with my food and exercise that I am sure to be coming a but further into the "safety zone" of the 80s... please cross your fingers for me!

Here's todays food so far:
B. 1 apple (.5) and 1 pear (.5) microwaved till soft
S. 2 home made rice paper rolls (4) at women's group
L. grilled chicken (2.5) and salad (1-avo) with a slice of pumpkin and potato bread (1.5)

Plan to have meat and veg- maybe with noodles, for dinner.

I have set a new goal for myself. I can't remember if I have already posted this and can't be arsed to check. The goal is to be at 75kgs by my birthday on November 18th. This would mean I would need a loss of half to one kilo a week. To lose half a kilo a week would take me to December so there will have to be a few weeks of larger losses. But I KNOW I can do it and the new goal has further inspired me to keep going!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Good food and pink cheeks...

Just got home from a killer workout at the gym! Did 15mins on the x-trainer to warm up then upper and lower body weights until I couldn't do no more- then another 20 minutes of interval running which I haven't done for over a year but as Phil recently reminded me "you don't see any fat runners do you?" so I am going to be a runner again *lol*...

Haven't weighed for a few days as I realise it is getting me down a bit too much and need to restrict weigh ins to once a week. Enough to keep me accountable and enough time to make some changes in the space in between if I try hard.

My Iron supplements are already making me feel a lot better. I don't feel nearly as down and I have more energy for exercise which is great! I am not really craving junk either- I guess when you have more energy your body doesn't tell you to eat high energy foods so much.

I did have a nice treat today though- Paddle pop's new product "Moo"... it only has 89 calories (I think- definately in the 80s) and 2ish grams of total fat so it is an allowable indulgence. And very yummy too!!

I made a loaf of wholemeal bread tonight! From scratch in the oven!! How clever am I?! I can't believe how easy it was and how cheaply you can make lovely organic, bread where you know everything that has gone into it. I worked it out to cost about a dollar- and that's with expensive organic flour!

My food was good today:
B. Crunchola and milk
L. Heinz winter veggie soup with 2 light saladas and cheese
S. 1 apple and a pria bar
D. Veggie casserole with rice and a slice of home made bread with 100% fruit spread and light butter

I'm off to have a cuppa and get ready for bed. Big day of stocktaking tomorrow!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Blood tests, Mother's day, Savers and the party!

Blood test results showed up that I am anaemic! This explains a lot of my crappy feelings and lack of energy recently.. and quite easily fixed which is nice!!

Mother's day was very special indeed- apart from Molly fainting in the morning (doc thinks if was a viral thing). I was greeted with a big bunch of tulips, a pair of explorer socks for chilly nights and a little box of favourites. Yum! But my favourite present is a CD that John and Molly made at the studio. John got Molly to say all these words and he put them together into a message.. I will try to work out how to put it on here for you to losten to. Any advice would be helpful. The message went something like this;

"Hello! Happy Mother's Day. Mummy, I love you mummy. Thank you for milk, hugs kisses and love. You make me happy. (general chattering and singing) I'm in a big room" (with lots of echo- very funny!)

I was so overcome with laughing and crying all at once I couldn't get any words out.

We had lunch with John's mum and dinner with mine- a jolly old time was had by all!

Savers is my new favoutite place. I got 3 tops and a jacket for the party tonight for less than 20 bucks.

The Party. Bazz is 25 this week and we are having a Rick Mayall party tonight- no one really knows what that means but I make a very ugly Rick Mayall cake today- photos to come!

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

Blah Blah Blah!

Then and now(ish)
Many of you would have seen this "before" photo posted on my old blog but I just feel I need a bit of encouragement at the moment to remember where I have come from. So I am putting it up again.
I am struggling to stay positive right now as I hopped on the scales this morning and 89.9kgs flashed before my eyes.. I desperately want to stay under 90 after all the work I have been putting in.
Why am I stuggling with food so much?? I just don't know. What is there in my life that I need protection from? (often the reason we stay fat)... Am I stressed? Not really, am I sad? No- bored? Hardly! Happy? YES! I just don't know!
Any ideas would be welcome! As anything I seem to try at the moment ends up with me putting more weight on. Even NOT trying!

Monday, 12 May 2008



My goal for today is simple....

To just try and make the best food choices all day... to simply choose the healthy option.

Why don't you give it a go?!

My new ticker...

I just made a ticker for the top of my page which helped me realise that OH MY GOSH!! I have come a long way!!!

For some reason this little thing at the top of my page has renewed my drive to get the rest of the excess lard off my backside!!

Thanks to Beck who showed me these two blogs-(Lou and Tracey) more motivation!


Wednesday, 7 May 2008

A couple more Molly pics!

Watching her beloved "Wah Wah" (Wiggles) with peanut butter on her face.
I had some blood tests yesterday to check my cholestorol and thyroid and to see if I have IBS. I'm in one of those places where I would love to have a reason why I am not losing weight and why my tummy feels so bad even though I eat well. We'll see I guess!
Played a killer game of netball last night- the team gave us a real run for our money but we still came out victorious! Woo-hoo!
A Message from Mezz (SIL)
hello lovely friend !!!
come hear me live with band (including new permanent addition to the lineup- guitarist Ben Paddick!) at Gertrude's Brown Couch this Thursday 8th May at 8.30pm ($8 entry.) I will be supported by the sweet and chirpy tones of Dizzy Grass (Gabi Smith) and the queen of twee-pop herself Georgia Fields bring your friends to have a listen too!

See you at the Brown Couch!!!!! Thursday 8th mayGertrudes Brown Couch30 Gertrude St Fitzroy8.30pm $8 entry

Mezz Mezz Coleman's EP 'My Little World' is available to purchase via or digitally through itunes.