Monday, 19 May 2008

Good food and pink cheeks...

Just got home from a killer workout at the gym! Did 15mins on the x-trainer to warm up then upper and lower body weights until I couldn't do no more- then another 20 minutes of interval running which I haven't done for over a year but as Phil recently reminded me "you don't see any fat runners do you?" so I am going to be a runner again *lol*...

Haven't weighed for a few days as I realise it is getting me down a bit too much and need to restrict weigh ins to once a week. Enough to keep me accountable and enough time to make some changes in the space in between if I try hard.

My Iron supplements are already making me feel a lot better. I don't feel nearly as down and I have more energy for exercise which is great! I am not really craving junk either- I guess when you have more energy your body doesn't tell you to eat high energy foods so much.

I did have a nice treat today though- Paddle pop's new product "Moo"... it only has 89 calories (I think- definately in the 80s) and 2ish grams of total fat so it is an allowable indulgence. And very yummy too!!

I made a loaf of wholemeal bread tonight! From scratch in the oven!! How clever am I?! I can't believe how easy it was and how cheaply you can make lovely organic, bread where you know everything that has gone into it. I worked it out to cost about a dollar- and that's with expensive organic flour!

My food was good today:
B. Crunchola and milk
L. Heinz winter veggie soup with 2 light saladas and cheese
S. 1 apple and a pria bar
D. Veggie casserole with rice and a slice of home made bread with 100% fruit spread and light butter

I'm off to have a cuppa and get ready for bed. Big day of stocktaking tomorrow!

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