Monday, 26 May 2008

Weigh in 24th May 08

I knew I'd had a good week! I was rewarded with a 1 kilo loss bringing me back to 88.9. So I am off to a good start on my "Get to goal by my birthday challenge"!

Hoorah for me!

I aim for 19 points per day for the next few days as I went over points on Saturday and Sunday and don't want to undo my loss from the last week.

As you may have noticed I have started counting points/calories again recently as I have realised that this works for me. It is not by any means the only or best way to lose weight- if you stick to just about any plan which limits calories you are most likely going to lose weight. But for me I realised that a lot of my bingeing behaviour comes from feeling deprived and if I can count points or calories I can allow a few treats here and there without it affecting my waistline. I do not go to meetings, I just use the material I already have and I weigh myself at home on Saturday mornings. I am also using the WW in your 20s forum as some extra support as things around the blogs are very quiet now compared with how they used to be.

On the exercise front, I collected for The Salvos Red Shield Appeal on Saturday and Sunday for a total of three hours. This involved walking up and down the intersection jingling a tin in the direction of passing cars and hoping they chuck some money my way. We worked out that we walked about 12 kms in three hours. So hopefully my poor eating was neutalised somewhat by the exercise. Tonight I am going to the gym to do some more weights and interval running.

I baked another huge loaf of bread yesterday. I cannot get over how easy it it! I need to look up some healthy bread recipes to experiment with.

That's all from me for now.

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Lil said...

Congrats Ash! That's awesome! All your healthy efforts are paying off :)
Luv Lil xox

Kym's Challenge said...

Great loss Ash. What an inspiration you are! How's little Molly?

Miss Beck said...

Congratulations! You're well on your way to completing your birthday challenge.

Scott found and cleaned up my old breadmaker last night and we cooked up a big wholegrain loaf. It's terrific isn't it?

Every now and then I used to put a half a cup of honey into the mix. Once it was sliced and toasted, it tasted like gorgeous honey toast.

airlie said...

Good work chook!

Nicky said...

Are you using a bread machine?
I have a great recipe for a pull apart - They are so easy to make! Do you want it?

Congrats on your 1kg loss! Keep up the good work

FattPanda said...

What a brilliant result! Im so glad those iron tablets are making you feel better :o) Im doing the same sort of thing, not going to meetings and using the forum and the material i have at home to lose weight :o)