Monday, 2 June 2008

Weigh in 2nd June '08

I knew the lack of exercise (only 3 sessions) and slightly slacker eating would bite me in the ass (I wish it would've taken a bigger bite and taken some with it!!)...

I had a 300g gain this week. :(

But I must remember that I am still on track to get to my birthday goal as I really only need to lose 500g a week most weeks and 1kg some weeks to make it.. so I am still 700g ahead of the start! I just have to make this week a really good one.

Here's my goals to make sure it happens...

1. Get at least 8 hours sleep a night!! (this was my downfall this week)

2. Eat 21 points a day or stick to yoghurt and fruit for brekkie, meat/beans veg and rice or soup for lunch and dinner and fruit and yoghurt for snacks.. Don't even entertain the thought of eating any treats just for this week- we're getting back on track after all!!

3. Follow the following exercise plan:
Mon- Gym for running and weights
Tues- Netball
Wed- Gym after dinner
Thurs- Morning walk with Molly in the pram
Friday- Morning walk with Mezz
Sat- Footscray Community Fitness

4. Blog a few times this week and actively contribute to WW in your 20s

5. Put on a happy face and think of some things I like about my body

This feels really good. I like that a gain doesn't make me feel like a failure. I am sick of that shitful cycle that I have been in- I have come through it though and feel great.

Thanks for everyone's comments. I LOVE you all!

Really looking forward to the Blogger meet!! Woohoo!

4 of you love me enough to comment...:

Miss Beck said...

Great attitude Ash. You really seem like you know exactly what happened this week and are focussed to correct it this week.

It made me smile to read about your sleep committment too. When I feel lethargic, lazy orjust not quite right in my head, IknowI have to have that 8 hrs minimum sleep and I feel 100% again.

Can't waito see you at the blogger meet! :)

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Sleep......ahhh thats what we all need more of....
Looking forward to meeting you at the bloggers meet..

Nicky said...

How you doing babe?

Nicky said...

Oh common missy, update more!