Friday, 27 June 2008


I have decided that I am going to learn to run again. I've been flirting with running on and off over the past few months but I have been scared to commit to a relationship with running again since we broke up in early 2006 when I found out I was pregnant.

But I have been reading and have had my passion for running and competing in events re-ignited. So, this is what I have decided to do, I am going to complete Couch to 5k and I am going to enter as many events as I can afford. So I will always be training for my next event.

Ohh. I'm getting excited thinking about it.

I really want to deal with the reasons why I have been eating too much recently. It's not really my food choices, but the amounts of food I am eating and when (eg. 3pm scoffing 5 biscuits- it's not that I don't think I can have a bikky every now and then, it's the fact that I feel I need 5... you know what I mean)... Grr- makes me depressed. I cope much better on a strict (ish) structured food plan.

Any suggestions would be good.


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Miss Beck said...

I spoke about Alison's influence on Sunday, not sure if it was you I was speaking about it with. She has got me moving toward that direction too. She is very inspirational, through injury, bad weather, everything.

I think you'd get a definate spark again taking up running (Shivers! I just remembered I haven't emailed you back...) and it would give you some great goals. Like Phil felt when she was training for the triathalons. She knew what shehad to do to train and that inspired her to train more to better her times etc for the next one. It's a perpetual healthy cycle in my opinion.

On the Bikkie subject - Have you got a bit of 3.30-itis going on? Low sugars always made me feel ravenous at that time and bikkies are the simplest, fastest choice. Pre cut your fruit in the morning so it's there, fresh, cold and crisp in the fridge perhaps? Include organse because the juices over the other fruit will give you that sugary taste and hit.

Miss Beck said...

I just clicked a few links through another woman and found this blog and thought you'd really like it...

It's written by a man and has some bloody interesting things on there...

airlie said...

i am so jealous of runners.


On the biccie front - if i had the solution i wouldn't be such a podger! But, maybe buy food that is prepackaged or i read somewhere that you can eat a couple then imagine someone pooed on them, and when you take the next one you will taste poo and will stop! Bit harsh - but it might work ! lol!

Nicky said...

If you can do the Couch to 5km program and have a child, there is seriously so excuses why I can't do it too! Is is ok if I join you on this?

RE: Bikkies - can't help I am just as bad