Sunday, 26 July 2009

Good sign...

I have been on the toilet every half an hour this morning! This is a very good sign that the weight gain was from held fluid and not from the fat coming crashing back to my thighs!


Went out for a really enjoyable 50 minute run this morning... I am feeling 110% better than I did yesterday!


Saturday, 25 July 2009

I have decided not to be negative...

Ok... I am pulling myself out of the slump... (I just realised that I am even sitting up straighter in saying that!)

I do not want to be negative...

So maybe I ate some chips... Maybe I had a square of chocolate hedgehog... Does that undo the months and months of good eating, excellent exercise and top water intake?? Does it undo the mental work I have done and make me put on the almost 40 kilos I have lost?? Will that waste away my hard earned muscles???


I am a strong woman and I have goals.. One of them is to be able to live as a confident person who is totally accepting of herself whether she is a size 10 or the size of a house. I love myself too much to fall into a hole of self-pity and loathing. Another, is to be an excellent PT- and being able to set the example of how to overcome a hurdle is one way of doing that!

So, moving forward!

This week I am back to normal life... eating well, and exercising...

Exercise plan:
Tonight: Get John to drop me approx 5km from mum's house and jog there before John's birthday dinner
Sunday: walking with workmate 1 hour
Monday: SIL cardio
Tuesday: SIL weights
Wednesday: Early morning run or ride if it's not too windy
Thursday: SIL weights
Friday: have a well earned rest- maybe take Molly out on the bike if it's not windy.

Food Plan:
Meal 1: oats with grated apple and lsa or ground almonds or eggs, sweet potato and spinach omelette
Meal 2: boiled egg and apple or yoghurt and apple or avocado on rice crackers
Meal 3: chicken/corned beef/fish and veg/salad or chicken and veg soup
Meal 4: same as meal 2
Meal 5: slow cooked casserole style something with piles of veggies
Meal 6: if hungry, Kek's paleo or souffle style sweet omelette (meals 2 and 4 could be this too)

There.. I feel so much better- ready to face the rest of the day/week etc feeling strong...

I am in contol..


Feeling flat as a tack...

Not sure what to write as for the first time since I got my act together and started eating really clean and training hard I have hit a wall...

Scales went UP this week. Body fat % on my scales went down but I feel like I have gained weight this week..


I haven't been as onto my food as I usually am and have ended the week with too many "treats" and not enough veggies..

It's so frustrating to KNOW what works well for me but to not be doing it.

I know that I don't do too well when I eat carbs at night... It's not a scientific thing, no research behind it, just a personal feeling. I also know that bread and wheat based products don't really work for me.. again... no research, just my own preference... I also know that it's not a good idea to go to work without planned meals when I am feeling this sad and low... or I'll do something silly like eating chips and chocolate (yes, that happened today)...

So why do I do things that don't work for me??

I am feeling very frustrated with myself right now... I need a run or something... Oh, the other thing that has been annoying me is that I haven't been for a bike ride in ages and I am meant to be training for this gigantic ride in October... that is not far away and I am so un prepared it's not funny...


I'm grumpy!

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

1st session!!

It was GREAT! The class (about 12 people all up) was an even mix of girls and guys, all with different stories (a couple of meat-head bodybuilders) and different reasons for being there. There was only one other person who had lost weight (15kg) and there is even a professional footballer in the class... planning for his career after football I think.

We started with basic nutrition- macronutrients/micronutrients etc... all stuff I was familiar with so I am not feeling out of my depth yet... I actually felt really good that I was the only one able to answer questions like "how many extra calories does a pregnant woman need a day?"- the answer being about 200cal (a glass of milk) and "how many for breastfeeding"- the answer being 500cals approx (an hour walking on the treddy).... I felt a bit smug...

We have been asked to keep a food diary for a week and then practice analysing each other's next Monday night... easy for me as I do this anyway... Yay!

I also was NOT the most overweight person in the room (I know I am not that overweight any more but I do have days when I feel like I stick out like a sore thumb- probably coz I hang out with a lot of very fit people).... I felt like a normal, healthy person...


Sunday, 19 July 2009

Thinking of a new challenge....

I am contemplating a new 12 week challenge to help kick it up a notch and get me to my goal weight...

I have to think a bit more about it... maybe 8 weeks is better...


Thursday, 16 July 2009

The photo post

Hey again!

I have found some more pics and added them to the post below...


Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Photo Post: Cha cha cha cha changes!!

*Edit: I have added some pics from the very start of the challenge. I didn't realise the ones I originally posted were from the 6 week point of the challenge! Yay!

Hey all,

I hope this post works as I often have trouble with the formatting when I do photo posts.. Anywhoo! I stumbled across some old progress pics from when I started a challenge with Kerryn in October 2007 and I decided to take some more... I still have a way to go yet but I can definately see some big changes!!


Look how mis-aligned I was!! I still have stubborn fat around my butt and upper thighs but it will be gone in no time the way things are going!

I just can't help flexing my guns! Loving my developing shoulder muscles amd the fact that I no longer have "back boobies!" (which I used to cover up with a LOW bra strap)

Even my posture is better!

And on another exciting note, I measured my waist yesterday and I am finally into the "healthy" waist measurement range! Whoop!

Monday, 13 July 2009

Weigh in!!

After a less than perfect week (a couple of dinners out this week-
Tried to make the best choices but still wasn't home cooking!) I
managed to weigh in at 80.9kg!

A bit of dedicated super healthy eating this week should see me much
closer to, if not IN the 70s next week!


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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Weigh in!

Loss of 1.3!! So 81.6kg! Come on 70s!

5.6kg to go to get into healthy weight range!

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Friday, 3 July 2009

My "plateau"

This is a post I wrote for

Many of you who have been here for a while know that I spent about a year at the same weight! Now that is a LONG plateau! It's more of a halt than a plateau but for the purposes of this post we'll call it a plateau!

Anyway, I spent ages wondering what on earth was going on?! Why was I staying at the same weight with all the exercise I was doing and the fairly healthy diet I was eating most of the time. I was challenging myself with exercise etc and it was just sitting there. So recently I decided that I really want to achieve my goals. I realised that I had become complacent and had spent too much time looking at how far I had come, patting myself on the back (which was a long way- 42kgs, then pregnant and gained, then lost 30kgs since- worth the back pat!) BUT not looking FORWARD.

Last year I got back up to 91.4kgs and managed to get down to 87-88kg where I hovered for about 6 months. So I decided to finish* what I started and get to goal as quickly as healthily possible. I then had a change in living situation and realised that the stress of the situation and the people I was living with were making it very hard to focus on my goals. I also had eczema which cleared as soon as that situation changed, but that's a side issue. Anyway, since I have a new lovely housemate who is also focused on healthy living, I have managed to drop another 6 kilos (as of last Sunday) and feel like I am really on track again.

On examining my lifestyle over the "plateau" time, I realised that there were loads of "extra" treats and snacks that I didn't bother to make a note of. My exercise was good but I wasn't varying it enough. I was training too hard but not often enough and needed to train smarter not harder. I was eating waaaay too many carbs and processed foods. Foods that my body doesn't know how to process.

I am now eating freshly prepared foods with real ingredients. I am hardly having any refined carbs and not any carbs after about lunch time other than piles of fresh veggies and salads (but mostly not for lunch either). I am totally turned off processed foods and I feel like my body is just sooooo happy! (apart from recent sickness which I guess comes from my occupation -social worker, lots of people contact, and being a mother of a 2 year old).

I am no longer making excuses and "forgetting" about those extra snacks and treats that were stalling my progress.

I think it's so much about making a decision and sticking to it. Then every choice you make from then on is either going to help or hinder you.... and if you really want it you will make the right choices.

Girls... plan plan plan, but when it comes down to it is about making one healthy choice after another and then doing it again the next time.

And there is ALWAYS a choice... YOU decide what goes into your body, YOU decide how much you want to prioritise your exercise and YOU decide how you approach the psychologial aspect of your journey.

You have to make the decision that YOU are worth the effort.


*the word finish is a flawed term when it comes to this journey, but for the purpous of my story.......