Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Weigh in 29 September 2008

Good morning!

After doing HEAPS of evercise last week I anticipated a good reult on the scales last night.

I stuck to my points mostly and figured I'd be on track to lose around a kilo.

But it was not to be...

I stayed the same...

Hopefully it's muscle and we'll see a good reult next week...

Track track track and work out- that's the plan for this week...

Saturday, 27 September 2008

I have had a better week this week...

... except for that fish and chip shop burger I just had- but apart from that, it's all good!! One thing that is not working in my fvour is that weigh in is on a Monday NIGHT! After the weekend where I often loosen the reins a bit- oh well, just goes to show I shouldn't loosen them so much!

After last weeks lousy effort I decided to be more on top of things this week. On the exercise front I have been much better-

Sunday: run with Michelle
Tuesday: 2 games of netball
Wednesday: jogged the tan without stopping and duid some pushups and crunches
Thursday: Walked nearly 8kms home from work and around the shops
Today: Group PT (boot camp style)
Tomorrow: Meeting HBC girls at the Tan for a training session

And my eating has been much better too. So hopefully the burger wont undo all my good work. I plan to have a really good day tomorrow with some muesli and skim for brekky, a ham, cheese and tomato toastie for lunch, fruit for snacks and a chicken salad for dinner. Yum!

There is much festivity outside tonight after the Hawks win at the AFL grand final- fingers crossed our car is in one piece in the morning as ther are loads of drunken bodies roaming up and down our street!

Hope you're all thinking healthy!!

Wednesday, 24 September 2008


I am so thrilled!

After running with Michelle and being able to do 3kms before needing a rest (in the whipping wind and rain) I decided I should be able to jog a whole lap of the tan.

I feel so fantastic right now because I actually did it!! On my own, with no one to distract me from all of the sabotaging thoughts in my head!!

There was only about 50 metres that I walked and that was up the second half of the steep hill (right at the start- I wish I had've just pushed through now that I know I was able to do the whole thing! Oh well, next time!) and the rest I just jogged, remembering to keep my shoulders back as the reason I had to stop last time was because of my aching back (which didn't ache at all this time!)

I ran the whole thing in 29 minutes. The tan is 3.87kms so I averaged a speed of just under 8km an hour!! I definately could've gone on too- so I am looking forward to my next fun run. The challenge for the next one (The melbourne marathon 10km) is to just jog and not walk- slow down, yes... but not walk as it is too hard to start running again.




Thanks to Amber from HBC for these words:

I don’t have time, I cant get motivated, I’m caught up with work, its too hot, too cold, too late, too hard, I feel guilty leaving my children with my husband after he has worked all day, I had loads of functions this week, my husband, partner, friend made me dinner, bought me chocolate or wanted me to share a bottle of wine with him or her, and I couldn’t say no…

I’m just too tired, work provided lunch, I’m on the road all day, have meetings all day, don’t have time to stop all day, I’m not allowed to eat at work, I am a shift worker so it’s harder for me, I’ve always found it difficult to lose weight, I don’t like exercise, am not interested in classes, I work out hard enough(reading a magazine), I only like the treadmill, I walk 3 times a week…that’s heaps, I don’t want to do weights and bulk up….

I’ve got a 21st, a 30th, a 50th, a wedding, engagement and funeral to go to this week, I’m going on holidays and I want to relax, I had to help out a friend, my parents, my children, my husband, I had to stay and help at school, ….I just couldn’t get to the gym this week, I tried to get here, but didn’t make it, it was too late by the time I got home, I had to prepare for work, do assignments, make dinner, my favourite program is on Tues nights – I cant miss it, I don’t want to workout on the weekend, classes don’t fit in with the times I can get here, my boyfriend wants me to spend time with him, I had to work overtime this week, I struggle to get up in the mornings, when I get home after work/school I just cant be bothered…..

There is only one thing that all of the above mentioned things have in common……

If you want to lose weight enough…….none of them would stand in your way.

Ask yourself………how much do I really want this?

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Run photos!!

Finally! A couple of running photos that I don't mind!!

Weigh in 22nd September!

I held my breath as I stepped onto the scales last night- waiting for the news that I was higher than my starting weight. I knew that I'd had a bad week. I had next to zero motivation and felt so bloated that I was sure I'd have more stretch marks today!

So I was elated to hear that I have lost 100g! I didn't gain weight! I still have a long way to go but if I can get through TTOM without seeing the scales go up- I'm doing okay!! The weigher marked my book with a P to see if we see a pattern emerge over the months when it comes to TTOM. It will be useful to know what to expect!

I am really starting to feel that I am going to do it this time. I remember what it felt like to be at goal and I really want it again! This week I will plan plan plan! And then stick to the plan!

Today's plan:

B. Muesli and low fat yoghurt (3.5)
1 slice fruit toast with low fat cream cheese and a tiny bit of honey (2)
S. Choc crisp bar (TTOM craving!) (1.5)
L. 2 sushi hand rolls and a diet coke (5)
S. 1 apple and 1 banana (2)
D. Grilled chicken, roast veggies with pine nuts and green bean and spinach salad (6)

Total: 20
Points saved: 2

2 games of netball
Points bonus: 6 (?)

A post for Miss Milo:

Q. What do you put in your couscous salad?
A. I usually roast some onion, tomato, zucchini, pumpkin and sweet potato and throw it through some couscous (I soak it in stock first but you can just use water) with balsamic dressing and tzatsiki. I have seen it with olives in it too but I'm not an olive kind of gal! It's yummy with fetta cheese too!

Q. And what yoghurt dressing do you use??
A. When I say yoghurt dressing I really mean home made tsatziki. It's just some greek yoghurt with garlic and cucumber. It's always nicer if you can be bothered to cook off the garlic first. Or just go and buy some off the shelf!

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hoping for a good result.... but not expecting one!

There are a few reasons why I will probably not be happy with what I see when I step on the scales this coming Monday night;

1) I have not made up for my over-point days over the week
2) I have not exercised like I planned to
3) I am severely pre-menstrual and feeling bloated (this could also have something to do with my appetite and craving for sweet things in this past week!)

The first two points are more to blame of course! I am bracing myself for a bit of disappointment... The temptation to not eat anything for 2 days is there (get behind me little miss eating disorder!!) but I know it's not going to help me in the long run.

I only exercised twice this week- I played netball on Tuesday and I met Michelle from Healthy Body Club for a run/walk around albert park this morning. All-in-all not enough! But we had a nice time this morning despite the bad weather... Don't you feel like a champion when you exercise in the rain?! It's such a good feeling!!

I managed to run straight for nearly 3 kilometres before my back got too sore (need to stand up straighter) and I needed to walk. I'm impressed- last weekend I could only manage onekm before walking. Progress is progress! My goal for the next couple of weekends is to be able to run around the tan non-stop. Ultra-slow jogging is fine- but no walkies!! I find it very hard to start running again once I stop! The only way my back will get better is to keep training and building up those muscles- and trying to watch my posture too.

The next run coming up is the Melbourne Marathon 10km- I would like to run at LEAST 5km of the course. If I can do more, great!

I need to make a big pot of veggie soup- something low point that fills me up! Right, when Molly wakes up I am going to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients!

Meal ideas for this week:

Veggie Soup
Sushi hand rolls
Couscous and roast veggie salad
Potato with tuna and coleslaw
Steamed veggies with tuna
Bean and salad wrap with yoghurt dressing
Pita Pizza

Warm chicken salad
Chicken and spinach soup with rizoni (pre-vego Philippa recipe)
Veggie canneloni
Roasted vegetables with pine nuts and brown rice
Veggie Soup

Those should keep me going for the week- I really need to track closely this week as it is usually in the 3rd or 4th week that I lose my mojo. But not this time!!

Exercise plans for the week;

Sunday: 4-5km run (try not to walk!)
Monday: Gym for weights and some cardio
Tuesday: Netball (2 games)
Wednesday: Gym for weights and cario
Thursday: PT
Friday: Rest or walk
Saturday: Run 4-5 kilometres

Fingers crossed!!

We are very sad that the doggies lost last night

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Over points!

Looking back at my food diary from the last few days, I have noticed that I have gone over points by one or two and yesterday I went over by 4.5- a total of 6.5 over the week. Luckily I have a few days to make it up (fingers crossed!). My blowout las night was at a community barbeque- I find it hard to resist homemade hamburgers!! I had 1 and a half!! I guess that's better than two! (Yes, Ash, keep telling yourself that!)

So the plan is to have 19 point days for the next three days. That will more than cover the over-eating of the past few days! I also plan to get out and do some kind of exercise each day. Today I have an hour between finishing work and picking up Molly so I plan to have a brisk walk (about 6kms). I don't have my proper shoes but the ones I have on are comfy enough- it's going to be nice weather so i might even take my jumper off! OOH! Spring! Yay! That should get me a couple of extra bonus points!

I want to get back in my regular exercise habit as it has fallen by the wayside since I hurt myself and had tonsilitis etc... I bought some photos from supersportimages.com. I'll post them now.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Clothing Exchange

Would anyone be interested in being involved in an online clothing exchange??

Losing weight is expensive when you need to be buying smaller clothes!

Plus it is a very symbolic thing getting rid of bigger clothes!

If anyone would like to be involved please leave a comment and I will add you as a blog author so you can post your old clothes!

Strawberry Jam

About 3 punnets of strawberries (so cheap right now!)
pure apple juice
gelatine or agar agar
Take off green bits, wash and cut strawberries in half.
Put the strawberries in a medium saucepan
Pour enough apple juice into the saucepan to cover half the strawberries
(so, there is double the amount of berries to liquid. The strawberries will cook down so you don't need heaps of liquid.)
Bring to the boil and simmer until the strawberries are soft.
Mix 1 teaspoon of agar agar with some boiling water to disolve.
Add to the strawberry mixture and mix well.
(at this point you could use some gelatine- only use a small amount like half a sachet mixes with some boiling water)
This was honestly the easiest recipe!!
FYI: Nutrition data.com says about agar agar
This food is low in Sodium, and very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. It is also a good source of Potassium and Zinc, and a very good source of Folate, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese.
So do try it!


...turned out to be a delicious affair!

I made a salad of mixed leaves, blanched green beans and avocado and tossed though a dressing made from some free italian, low fat mayo and balsamic. I roasted some pumpkin, onion and tomato with balsamic vinegar (try it, it's great!). Then I grilled some chicken breast in a pan, finished it off in the oven and thinly sliced it. I popped it all on a plate with some basmati rice and it was such a great dinner!! I wish I had've taken a photo!!

Yesterday was one of my most balanced eating days in such a long time. Breakfast was a piece of soy/lin toast with my homemade sugarfree strawberry jam (no chemicals! and not a lot of calories! Will post the recipe soon) and a low fat yougurt tub. Morning tea was a choc crisp bar thing. Lunch was 1/2 a cup of brown rice with some grilled whiting and a greek salad, I was so full that I just had a few grapes and a couple of dried apricots for afternoon tea. And then dinner was the meal described above.

I played netball after dinner and when we got home my housemate dived (or is it dove) into a bowl of nuts about chocolate icecream and I was happy just to have a cuppa, a nice warm shower and go to bed. I feel I am beginning to "get it" again...

Yesterday a woman from work (who I don't know very well) came up to my desk and handed me a bag from pumpkin patch! She'd been shopping and saw a gorgeous little dress/undies set thing and bought it for Molly! I seriously don't know this lady very well, she is very shy and keeps to herself. I was so shocked! Some people are so kind!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

What should I cook for dinner tonight???

I'm not feeling inspired!

Please leave a comment with a suggestion or two!


8kms and more weight lost!!

Good morning all!

Sunday's run/walk was great! My ankle held up well and didn't even swell afterwards! It was such gorgeous weather although the wind was a bit challenging- I really need a hat to keep my hair in check I think!

I walked about 2/3 of the course which I was happy with but am looking forward to pushing myself a bit harder for the next one! So it's back to training for me now that I know the ankle is ok!

After the run I headed to the Abbotsford Convent "Lentil as Anything" restaurant to meet fellow blogger Miss Milo for a much needed catch up- she's looking absolutely fab! I can see an amazing difference in her body- but moreso in her demeanor and self esteem. Love you Miss M!!

I had weight watchers last night and had a lovely loss of 700g which is right on track (My aim is to lose between 500g and 1kilo per week). I really love my group- I am organising to meet up with one girl for a walk next week! Yay!

That'll do from me for now- Hope you all have a great day!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

An afternoon to myself...

This is totally what I have been needing recently!

John is working in the studio today so it was just me and Molly. I decided to go and park the car at the beach while Molly slept so I could sit outside the car with the window open and just look at the water and soak up some sun. It was awesome- but what was even more awesome was Mum calling to offer to take Molly to see my stepdad's mum for the afternoon and then mind her this evening while John and I went to the movies..

When they drove off I kind of didn't know what to do with myself and contemplated watching TV at mum's for a few hours but then I decided this was too good an opportunity- a WHOLE afternoon on my own!! So I went down the street and got my hair lightened.. It's really nice- I plan to gradually go lighter as summer approaches.

I also bought some tan-in-a-can as I was horrified when I looked at my legs while sitting at the beach!

So I am now brown and blonde- as opposed to ghoulishly white and brunette! Haha! I am on my little brother's Mac laptop on the back "alfresco" (read: fancy verandah) at Mum's place- the sun is setting, my boy will be here soon and we're going to see Tropic Thunder Gold Class tonight...

Great preparation for tomorrow's run (read: tentative walk).

Thursday, 11 September 2008

I was going to give this Sunday's run a miss...

But I have decided to walk it instead!! Don't worry, I'll be careful!

Having a hungry day today- I think it's because I started with toast instead of my usual porridge... lucky I'm about to have a big can of tuscan tomato and bacon soup! yum!!

I love having a big Tuscan every now and then! *lol*

The ankle is feeling much better...

... thanks for asking!

I was even able to go out for a short walk with Molly in the pram yesterday- only about 20mins but it's better than nothing!

I thought I'd post a letter I wrote to my family and friends at the beginning of the year about the community we live in and how we are involved- this was nearly a year ago so some things have changed, but all in all it's a pretty good wrap-up!

Hi All!

A happy 2008 to everyone!

I thought I'd give a brief rundown on what's going on for us this year as I haven't seen many of you and and you may be out of the loop! Firstly, our new address is ..deleted.. and our new home phone number is .. deleted...(mezz and byron's old number- had to keep it as it is also the business number).

We are so excited to have moved to Footscray! An exciting, vibrant community, filled with diversity and colour but also a lot of sadness (drug and alcohol addiction, racial tensions, loneliness, poverty etc) to which we have chosen to respond. Not by simple charity (which is useful but can be limited and impersonal) but by moving in and standing in solidarity with those who will hopefully become friends to us. This is what Jesus did and what we will try our best to do.

We live with Mezz (John's sister), Byron and Felix in a lovely big house with four bedrooms, two bathrooms and 3 LIVING ROOMS!! How amazing is that!?? Very important to have your own space. We also have a lovely (albeit charmingly old and crusty) kitchen which is in a central location and is in the middle of the hussle and bussle of the rest of the house- which makes cooking a pleasure!

I am looking forward to the year beginning as far as our community involvement goes. Some of the small ways we will be involved include the community garden at droop street (tuesday gardening), visiting James Barker house (for ex- alcoholic men) for a chat with the guys, Wednesday community dinner at Droop St, House church at the leasurely start time of 10:30 for a shared breakfast on Sundays, hopefully finding a job in Footscray, maybe getting involved in some of the local schools and just basically being present and available to make new friendships and community connections.

We have just celebrated Molly's 1st birthday (I know... a YEAR!!) and are having a wonderful time watching her grow and learn. She has taken 8 steps on her own and is saying many words clearly. She is just beginning to string words together like "Oh no!" and "No more"... We are so proud of her! We are also very excited that she will get to experience what living in real community and learning to love people despite their differences is like.

Love and blessings,
Ash, John and Molly

We also have some key principals we try to live by which I will find and post about in future...

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


My jeans are feeling a bit looser today!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

A good result!

Wow! I think my clothes lost weight- or that may have been me somehow!!

I lost 1.5kg bringing me back into the 80s again! Phew!

So I'm now 89.9kg with 14.9kgs still to lose.

So we're back on the straight and narrow again and I plan that my weight loss next week will not be as a result of some crazy fluke! I have already made a really nice friend in my meeting and I told her about my blog. She seemed very interested and asked to be invited! So we might see her around here at some point which would be nice!

I am so over my job!! I'm a Goddamn Social Worker (by qualification) and I am sitting here doing administration for a shoe company for shite money... grrr... I have said I am going to sit it out till the end of the year as it is quite a flexible position and the hours are just right but surely I could find a social work job that offers similar hours... hmmm...

I have been asked to write some stuff about the intentional community thing- I will, I promise but there is quite a lot to say about it and I need an opportunity to write uninterrupted for a while. But stay tuned!!

Here's a quick and very brief description of intentional community (from answers.com);

"The purposes of intentional communities vary. They may include sharing resources, creating family-oriented neighborhoods and living ecologically sustainable lifestyles (ecovillages). Some communities are secular; others have a spiritual basis. Commonly there is a focus on egalitarian values. Other themes are voluntary simplicity, interpersonal growth and self-reliance. Some communities provide services to disadvantaged populations, for example, war refugees, the homeless, or people with developmental disabilities. Some communities operate learning or health centers."

Ours is a Salvation Army community of people wanting to even out the ground between the rich and the poor. To be a loving and supportive family to those who are on the fringes, lonely, have mental health issues, have little money etc etc etc... We also have the theme of voluntary simplicity and sharing resources and advocating for those who cannot stand up or speak for themselves...

I have a lot more to write but no time right now....

Monday, 8 September 2008

Wish me luck!

I have weight watchers tonight and am a bit nervous as I have done no exercise (apart from my injury inducing netball) and have gone over points on a few days- so not expecting a great result...

I wish I could weigh in naked! I think my clothes are fat...it's not me- it's my clothes, HONEST!

Friday, 5 September 2008

Yummy thing!

Creamy "Joghurt" or "Yelly"

Make up jelly as normal (diet or not- whatever floats your boat) but replace some of the cold water with some low fat yoghurt and refrigerate to set for about 5 hours.


Wow! I didn't know there were so many of you!

Hooray for some privacy!!

Feel free to let other bloggers know my email address as I don't wish to be a total hermit however I just found out that I guy I know has tracked me down and has been reading. I am not comfortable with him knowing about some of the more private things I have posted about recently (ie. the pap smear saga).

So here we all are then!

The ankle is already feeling a lot better, thanks for everyone's kind wishes!

I'll be back with more weight loss related banter shortly!

Hugs to all you ladies in the "inner circle"!!

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Had to get rid of the photo post to make the page work properly... doh!


Have decided to go private.

Please email me at ashleyecarr@gmail.com if you would like access.

Is anyone else having trouble viewing my last post...

It just looks blank unless I click on the actual title of the post... hmmm

My ankle isn't broken- from the look of the x-rays but they said they often can't tell till it starts healing. But it's already starting to feel a bit better. I have a nice bruise to show for the pain!

I spent 5 hours in emergency yesterday to be given a pair of crutches and a tubey stocking thing and sent home to rest...


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

A spanner in the works...

Last night during my 2nd of a well intentioned 3 games of netball I rolled over on my ankle and heard a big CRACK!

The umpire started yelling "that's gonna be bad! I heard that crack!" which was awfully considerate of her, don't you think?!

So I'm off to the doctor today to have it looked at- it is like a big balloon!

Look! I have dainty feet and ankles usually!

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Weight watchers...

Last night I went back to weight watchers.

I haven't actually been to a meeting since I was 99kilos in 2004. I have decided I need a bit more accountability and a chance to meet other people in my community who have the same goals and struggles as me.

The scales were not friendly to me! 91.4kg!! I know all scales are different but seeing that 9 on there has got me motivated to definately be an 80s girl again within the next 2 meetings!! There were 2 ladies who reached goal and 3 that achieved their 10% goal last night- that was very encouraging. Anyway, it seems like a good group and I met a girl who's a lifetime member, at goal and has just recently joined a running club- so hopefully surrounding myself with a few more like minded people (plus weekly weigh-ins) will give me the kick I need to get to my goal of 75kilos.

So I bought a journal and an updated points guide and feel very encouraged.

Here's my exercise plan for this week.

Today: Gym for weights and cardio
Wednesday: Running
Thursday: PT
Friday: Weights and running
Saturday: Running
Sunday: Rest

Onward and downward!