Wednesday, 24 September 2008


Thanks to Amber from HBC for these words:

I don’t have time, I cant get motivated, I’m caught up with work, its too hot, too cold, too late, too hard, I feel guilty leaving my children with my husband after he has worked all day, I had loads of functions this week, my husband, partner, friend made me dinner, bought me chocolate or wanted me to share a bottle of wine with him or her, and I couldn’t say no…

I’m just too tired, work provided lunch, I’m on the road all day, have meetings all day, don’t have time to stop all day, I’m not allowed to eat at work, I am a shift worker so it’s harder for me, I’ve always found it difficult to lose weight, I don’t like exercise, am not interested in classes, I work out hard enough(reading a magazine), I only like the treadmill, I walk 3 times a week…that’s heaps, I don’t want to do weights and bulk up….

I’ve got a 21st, a 30th, a 50th, a wedding, engagement and funeral to go to this week, I’m going on holidays and I want to relax, I had to help out a friend, my parents, my children, my husband, I had to stay and help at school, ….I just couldn’t get to the gym this week, I tried to get here, but didn’t make it, it was too late by the time I got home, I had to prepare for work, do assignments, make dinner, my favourite program is on Tues nights – I cant miss it, I don’t want to workout on the weekend, classes don’t fit in with the times I can get here, my boyfriend wants me to spend time with him, I had to work overtime this week, I struggle to get up in the mornings, when I get home after work/school I just cant be bothered…..

There is only one thing that all of the above mentioned things have in common……

If you want to lose weight enough…….none of them would stand in your way.

Ask yourself………how much do I really want this?

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Lauren said...

This is such a good post - it's so true. When you're fully committed to anything (whether it be training for a marathon, weight loss etc.) excuses just don't get in the way.

No more "waiting to see if it rains" before going for my run, I run in the rain now - and it feels amazing!

We always have a choice - for everything in life :)

Fragile Feminist said...

Wow. that certainly made me think...... great post ash!