Saturday, 20 September 2008

Hoping for a good result.... but not expecting one!

There are a few reasons why I will probably not be happy with what I see when I step on the scales this coming Monday night;

1) I have not made up for my over-point days over the week
2) I have not exercised like I planned to
3) I am severely pre-menstrual and feeling bloated (this could also have something to do with my appetite and craving for sweet things in this past week!)

The first two points are more to blame of course! I am bracing myself for a bit of disappointment... The temptation to not eat anything for 2 days is there (get behind me little miss eating disorder!!) but I know it's not going to help me in the long run.

I only exercised twice this week- I played netball on Tuesday and I met Michelle from Healthy Body Club for a run/walk around albert park this morning. All-in-all not enough! But we had a nice time this morning despite the bad weather... Don't you feel like a champion when you exercise in the rain?! It's such a good feeling!!

I managed to run straight for nearly 3 kilometres before my back got too sore (need to stand up straighter) and I needed to walk. I'm impressed- last weekend I could only manage onekm before walking. Progress is progress! My goal for the next couple of weekends is to be able to run around the tan non-stop. Ultra-slow jogging is fine- but no walkies!! I find it very hard to start running again once I stop! The only way my back will get better is to keep training and building up those muscles- and trying to watch my posture too.

The next run coming up is the Melbourne Marathon 10km- I would like to run at LEAST 5km of the course. If I can do more, great!

I need to make a big pot of veggie soup- something low point that fills me up! Right, when Molly wakes up I am going to go to the supermarket and buy the ingredients!

Meal ideas for this week:

Veggie Soup
Sushi hand rolls
Couscous and roast veggie salad
Potato with tuna and coleslaw
Steamed veggies with tuna
Bean and salad wrap with yoghurt dressing
Pita Pizza

Warm chicken salad
Chicken and spinach soup with rizoni (pre-vego Philippa recipe)
Veggie canneloni
Roasted vegetables with pine nuts and brown rice
Veggie Soup

Those should keep me going for the week- I really need to track closely this week as it is usually in the 3rd or 4th week that I lose my mojo. But not this time!!

Exercise plans for the week;

Sunday: 4-5km run (try not to walk!)
Monday: Gym for weights and some cardio
Tuesday: Netball (2 games)
Wednesday: Gym for weights and cario
Thursday: PT
Friday: Rest or walk
Saturday: Run 4-5 kilometres

Fingers crossed!!

We are very sad that the doggies lost last night

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missmilo said...

Hey sweetheart!

Well done for recognising where you can improve for next week... go you!

I think you are an absolute legend for exercising in the rain, and ESPECIALLY for running 3km. You are such an inspiration :)

Your meals sound yummy. What do you put in your couscous salad? And what yoghurt dressing do you use??

Hope you're having a fab weekend honey!


Cinders said...

Thanks for those meal ideas Ash. I had to take Josh swimming today so I ran from the car to the front door of Aquarena - does that count as exercise?