Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Weight watchers...

Last night I went back to weight watchers.

I haven't actually been to a meeting since I was 99kilos in 2004. I have decided I need a bit more accountability and a chance to meet other people in my community who have the same goals and struggles as me.

The scales were not friendly to me! 91.4kg!! I know all scales are different but seeing that 9 on there has got me motivated to definately be an 80s girl again within the next 2 meetings!! There were 2 ladies who reached goal and 3 that achieved their 10% goal last night- that was very encouraging. Anyway, it seems like a good group and I met a girl who's a lifetime member, at goal and has just recently joined a running club- so hopefully surrounding myself with a few more like minded people (plus weekly weigh-ins) will give me the kick I need to get to my goal of 75kilos.

So I bought a journal and an updated points guide and feel very encouraged.

Here's my exercise plan for this week.

Today: Gym for weights and cardio
Wednesday: Running
Thursday: PT
Friday: Weights and running
Saturday: Running
Sunday: Rest

Onward and downward!

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FattPanda said...

You will get rid of that 9 in no time! Every time I see the title of your blog it makes me smile lol! Have a great day :o)

bekkles said...

Here's to seeing the 8... sometime soon, and hopefully I won't be too far behind you.
There is something very powerful about the official scales at WW!
Well done on going back

Anonymous said...

I agree with Bek - those scales can deliver a powerful message :)
Hope you have a good week and get yourself back into the 80's soon. I can't wait til I get to that point, but might help to focus on getting under 120 for the moment.

Olivia said...

You will totally do it. You already are!! :) Just remember that I'll be rooting for you in the other hemisphere. :)

Kathiej said...

So glad you joined up. Sometimes we just need. To go and be weighed by someone else and be inspired by people who are on the same journey.

Good luck and can't wait to see your results