Thursday, 18 September 2008

Over points!

Looking back at my food diary from the last few days, I have noticed that I have gone over points by one or two and yesterday I went over by 4.5- a total of 6.5 over the week. Luckily I have a few days to make it up (fingers crossed!). My blowout las night was at a community barbeque- I find it hard to resist homemade hamburgers!! I had 1 and a half!! I guess that's better than two! (Yes, Ash, keep telling yourself that!)

So the plan is to have 19 point days for the next three days. That will more than cover the over-eating of the past few days! I also plan to get out and do some kind of exercise each day. Today I have an hour between finishing work and picking up Molly so I plan to have a brisk walk (about 6kms). I don't have my proper shoes but the ones I have on are comfy enough- it's going to be nice weather so i might even take my jumper off! OOH! Spring! Yay! That should get me a couple of extra bonus points!

I want to get back in my regular exercise habit as it has fallen by the wayside since I hurt myself and had tonsilitis etc... I bought some photos from I'll post them now.

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Miss Beck said...

Just catching up on all your updates.

I'm thrilled to hear that you finally got your pampering time to yourself. Every mum needs it. Perhaps you could book a special time in your calendar each week for it. 3 hours to get away from the house, responsibilities etc... (perhaps I should do the same)

Congratulations on your run, dinner with Miss Milo (who I'd love to catch up with in the not so distant future) and getting back to your old exercise habits (I LOVE spring too).