Saturday, 22 August 2009

After a longer than planned silence...

.. I'm back!

I returned on Sunday from a wonderful trip to Brisbane to visit the Healthy Body Club girls and have a blast at Booty Camp 2009!

It was so great to see everyone and share our experiences. I felt very welcomed and left feeling like I had a whole bunch of new friends! Thanks everyone!

Special mention goes out to Chrissey who has lost an amazing amount of weight and is transforming her mind and body daily. She's a girl after my own heart in wanting to help other people to find themselves and get fit- she's signed up to do a PT course like me! Yay!

Chrissey and I have partnered up for encouragement and support and have decided that we would like to compete in a figure comp at the end of next year. That's 18 months to get our bods lean and mean! Yay for fitness friends!!

I have found myself a coach- I'm waiting to hear back from her but she has offered to coach me to the comp for little to no cost. She can see how much I want it and how dedicated I am to my goal. I am so so so excited about this!! She usually charges $800 a month for coaching... How did it come about? Well, I asked her if she thought it was feasible to try and prepare for a comp on my own with no coaching. She asked me a whole bunch of questions about why I want to do it, who I have in my "team"- as in, who are my key supporters, and what would get in the way of me achieving my goal... She must have been happy with my answers because she has said she'll take me on!


Anyway... I plan to start a new blog to mark the beginning of my journey towards becoming a figure athlete...

Who's coming?!

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Sexy salad!

This is my lunch today...

It is the most luxurious salad ever.. that dripping yolk, the crunch and colour of the cabbage- the naughty bursts of fetta! OOH!

I need to go take a cold shower!


Thursday, 6 August 2009

A great post that you should read...

Go over HERE and visit Kerryn's blog... she has just written a post about achieving things you never dreamed you could... go on! Off you go!

Monday, 3 August 2009


Not of me this time!!... lol

This is Molly with my little step sister Ally (14 y/o) who is visiting from the UK at the moment. Molly thinks she is the bee's knees and follows her around like a shadow. She even speaks like a pommy after we see her. This pic was taken while having a coffee break at Lentil as Anything after visiting the Collingwood Children's farm... aww

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No story behind this photo but I thought it was cute...

This is a butterscotch icecream cake that my mum made on Sunday... I didn't eat any of it... but had to take a picture as it looked so delicious! I have a steely resolve! lol

I haven't got a lot to post today except that I started a new weights program and already have DOMS which is a great sign! Haha! I may not be able to walk tomorrow but that aside- I feel good! I have been advised by someone in the know that I should probably be eating more calories!! (gasp!) So I am aiming for 1600-1800 per day right now as I am doing so much weight training... I'll be eating all flippin' day!

What are your ideas around nutrient timing (ie. eating carbs around your cardio workout... you still eat the carbs, just at a specific time in your routine) I have heard a few different opinions and am trying to nut out what works for me.

Not weighing in this week as it's TTOM and I know I always hold fluid- I don't need to see numbers to know I'm going in the right direction right now. Drinking gallons of water to minimise fluid held but it never seems to make a difference..

Here's my foodies today:
Pre work out: 1 banana
Post workout: 1/2 cup oats w/3 desert spoons of low fat yoghurt (I'm getting some more whey this week to add to my oats- I ran out)
Snack: 2 boiled eggs and some salad greens
Lunch: 100g grilled chicken with salad, avocado and balsamic/lemon juice dressing
Snack: small tin tuna and blanched green beans
Dinner: 100g grilled pork medallion with salad made from lettuce, green beans, roasted carrot, and roasted sweet potato Yum yum!! I may also throw some left over ricotta cheese in with it...

So much fresh and healthy food today- My body will thank me... it already is! :)

I need to do some negotiating to get my workout in tomorrow... John's at uni and I'm not sure about childcare.. hmm I'll see what I can sort out. Once I am in a good routine it will be great!


That'll do!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

New gym, goals and my course...

New Gym...

I joined at my local aquatic centre/gym combo... The price is right too at only $49 a month for a full gym, pool, and les mills classes.. oh and childcare too! I have been loving Step into Life and would still promote it to anyone but our current financial situation and my need for more sessions meant I needed to make the hard call..

So I am going back to doing split upper/lower body weights training 6 times a fortnight and 4-5 cardio sessions a week... This has worked for me in the past and will work again! Last night I trained legs and back and did about 45 mins hi/lo intensity cardio. If anyone has any training tips they think might benefit me, please leave me comments!


I would really like to be at a "healthy weight"- but moreso have a healthy bodyfat percentage by the time I compete my PT course. I know how to do it but seem to have a freak out every time my weight starts moving and I am still sitting around 81kg. I was saying to hubby last night that my first goal really is hitting the magic round number of 40kgs lost... which is 78kg. Not far away but my body likes to do things sloooooooowly! I am not about to go on a carb free diet just to get there (I know it would work) as I would put it all back on as soon as one carby food passed my lips. Plus I become the megabitch from hell when I am carb depleted.

So, here's an average day for me food wise.. you're comments are welcome...

B. 1/2 cup oats with grated apple, LSA and cinnamon or oats, LSA and yoghurt or omelette and veggies
S. skim latte and apple (sometimes a boiled egg)
L. 1/2 cup basmati rice, 1 cup beef and veggie ragu and green veggies (or similar) or a meat and salad wrap with avo
S. Orange and yoghurt or souffle omelette & cup of tea with skim milk
D. Meat and veg usually
S. camomile tea

I'm usually doing 1 hour+ of training and drinking 2-3 litres of water... The weight should be coming off faster but I guess I'll just have to hang in there! I also take a multivitamin, fish oil, chromium and l-glutamine.

My course...

It's going great guns! I was familiar with the nutrition side of things a flew through that module without any hassles... Now we are onto exercise science and it's a bit more tricky, needing to remember bones, muscles, joints etc etc... But I love a challenge!

I already have a list of people (including my mum... yipee!) who have asked me to train them once I am qualified.

That's about it from me today...