Monday, 3 August 2009


Not of me this time!!... lol

This is Molly with my little step sister Ally (14 y/o) who is visiting from the UK at the moment. Molly thinks she is the bee's knees and follows her around like a shadow. She even speaks like a pommy after we see her. This pic was taken while having a coffee break at Lentil as Anything after visiting the Collingwood Children's farm... aww

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No story behind this photo but I thought it was cute...

This is a butterscotch icecream cake that my mum made on Sunday... I didn't eat any of it... but had to take a picture as it looked so delicious! I have a steely resolve! lol

I haven't got a lot to post today except that I started a new weights program and already have DOMS which is a great sign! Haha! I may not be able to walk tomorrow but that aside- I feel good! I have been advised by someone in the know that I should probably be eating more calories!! (gasp!) So I am aiming for 1600-1800 per day right now as I am doing so much weight training... I'll be eating all flippin' day!

What are your ideas around nutrient timing (ie. eating carbs around your cardio workout... you still eat the carbs, just at a specific time in your routine) I have heard a few different opinions and am trying to nut out what works for me.

Not weighing in this week as it's TTOM and I know I always hold fluid- I don't need to see numbers to know I'm going in the right direction right now. Drinking gallons of water to minimise fluid held but it never seems to make a difference..

Here's my foodies today:
Pre work out: 1 banana
Post workout: 1/2 cup oats w/3 desert spoons of low fat yoghurt (I'm getting some more whey this week to add to my oats- I ran out)
Snack: 2 boiled eggs and some salad greens
Lunch: 100g grilled chicken with salad, avocado and balsamic/lemon juice dressing
Snack: small tin tuna and blanched green beans
Dinner: 100g grilled pork medallion with salad made from lettuce, green beans, roasted carrot, and roasted sweet potato Yum yum!! I may also throw some left over ricotta cheese in with it...

So much fresh and healthy food today- My body will thank me... it already is! :)

I need to do some negotiating to get my workout in tomorrow... John's at uni and I'm not sure about childcare.. hmm I'll see what I can sort out. Once I am in a good routine it will be great!


That'll do!

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karen said...

Such cute pictures! Even the cake was adorable and I applaud you for not having any. There's NO WAY I would have been able to resist at least the frosting ;)

skinny latte said...

Your little girl gets cuter by the day.

The nutrient timing question - I definitely time my energy-filled meals according to when I plan to do my training runs, usually about 3 or 4 hours before. I've found this absolutely essential while training for a long distance race, because if you aren't properly fuelled you won't have the stamina or energy to train properly to find out if you can do the distance or not!

I mostly run in the evenings, so I like to have a filling lunch that features grains/rice/pasta/bread in some way. I either have leftovers from the night before (today is a thick mixed bean and lentil soup) or a salad full of fresh vegies and grains like quinoa, millet or couscous. If I have this around 2pm, I'm still full of beans (sometimes literally) by 6.30pm, ready to run!

If I'm planning to run in the afternoon on the weekends, then I make sure my breakfast/brunch is filled with energy. On Saturday I made "hangover" eggs! (I'll post the recipe!)

I am still plotting what I will actually eat before the half, as I don't run until 11am, so daresay I'll need to be up early for a energy-filled breakfast! What would the PT in training recommend? :)

Eat for performance! Yeah!