Thursday, 30 October 2008

Please come along!!

It's time to de-lurk people!!!

Oh come on!!! Leave me some love!!

(not that I do it for the comments but........ Okay, well maybe I do- Is that such a crime???)

Ooh.... I forgot to post about...

My run on Sunday!

I was registered for an 8km run (2nd Spring into Shape run) until my friend said she would do it with me but had to be home for 10:30 which just wasn't gonna happen if we started our 8ks at 9:30. So we decided to enter the 4km and try to jog the whole thing. We allowed ourselves a walk break for a drink but only 50 metres or so..

We did it! It took us 29:50 to complete the 4km course but man it felt good to run a whole race! Hoorah!

Had to change templates...

Grrr.. I loved my old template but it wasn't letting me upload photos- and that's a bit boring!! So we'll go with a boring template and have interesting pics instead!

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Another something yummy out of nothing!

On Sunday night I felt that the cupboards were bare again!

It is so very easy to pop to the shops and buy a jar of pasta sauce and some pasta but we had a bare bank account too so I rummaged around in the fridge, freezer and pantry and found a few bits and pieces!

Check out my creativity!!

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Mezz's Footscray'll be great! come along!

dog theatre.jpg - Gmail

Thursday, 23 October 2008

They're back!

I worked out that if I delete the last few posts the older ones would re-appear.

I think it is when I copy text from a work document and try to paste them- it doesn't like it... So I might re-type some of the good stuff...


Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Weigh in 20th October

Yay! After last week's expected setback (definately TTOM related!) of a 700g gain, I have managed to drop off another 1.1kilos over the last week. This is keeping me right on track for my 5 kilos in 5 weeks birthday challenge! I am excited to see the 87s after a long plateau! Fingers crossed for a healthy week ahead! All good so far!!

This last weekend has been wonderful! We packed up our little family on Friday afternoon and headed to a little town in northern country Victoria for the Numurkah Foodbowl Music Festival. My sis-in-law played a gig with her band (which includes my husband, and me sometimes) on Sunday afternoon so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to have a mini-break! There were so many fantastic bands there and the whole festival cost $15! We paid $50 a night for our caravan and food was provided for musicians, so all in all it was a decent weekend for a good price. Molly and Felix had a wonderful time dancing to all the bands.

My netball mixed team has made it ito the finals. Definately because of all my good goal keeping! Ha! We played last night and it was a draw but because we were higher on the ladder we got through and they didn't! I felt sorry for them- they are a very good team.

Tonight I pick up my bike from the repair shop (yes..... it's still there) and I plan to go for a decent ride in the next couple of days. The ride is the part of the triathlon that I am feeling the most nervous about. Although, I said to John last night that I really don't care if I come last as I feel awesome for choosing the race that I knew would challenge me the most. I love the feeling of achieving something I didn't think I would ever do.

I went for a job last monday- I didn't get it... but I am somehow pleased as I know I will find the perfect job at the right time, in the right location. This one was probably a bit far from home anyway. But the interview seemed to go well so they must have found someone with more community referral knowledge and experience in that particular role. I feel like I would have been good in the job, but I'll be even better in the one that's waiting around the corner...

I'd better go do some work!


Thursday, 16 October 2008

Just for phun!

Here are a couple of photos I found on my nan's computer...
Me at about 105-110 kilos 2004

Me at 75kilos March 2006

Back on track...

As you all know, last week was a shocker for me! I just couldn't stop eating and thought my period must be due. Well, I must have mixed up my dates or something because I still haven't got it so I must have been eating for other reasons. (And I don't think I'm pregnant! Hmm...)

I have been trying to work this one out because I haven't done the whole emotional binge thing for a while. I think it may have been to do with being really busy with work life and home life and not being able to organise myself. We had several family functions in the last week and I also applied for a real Social Work job (for which I had an interview on Monday! Eek!)... I just felt pressured from all sides, I couldn't plan my food properly or do a proper shop and I didn't make exercise a priority.

I am really glad I could just get back on the wagon again though and dust myself off. The run was a great turnaround point! Yesterday's foodies went something like this...

B. 1 slice of grainy toast with 1/2 cup baked beans and another slice with peanut butter
S. 1 banana
L. Salad with sardines in tomato sauce (very yum- don't knock it till you try it) and a slice of bread
S. Yoghurt and a slice of cheese
D. (Birthday party) African chicken casserole with injara (flatbread) and some birthday cake
S. Some popcorn

We went to Molly's little friend's 1st birthday party last night. They are an Ethiopian family and had all their friends from church over. The kids ran wild and all us "adults" (I still struggle thinking that I am one) sat inside chatting and drinking coffee. It was no ordinary coffee. They make a whole ceremony out of roasting the beans over fire, grinding the beans, brewing the coffee in a beautiful urn and then serving it very sweet in tiny intricately painted china cups. I felt very honoured to be invited and welcomed as a part of their family. They don't have any family left. They were all killed back in Africa so it was a very special time with their new Australian family. Before we left Solomon told his four children to come and kiss their sister goodbye- Molly is their sister now. It was really touching.

So now I'm in training for The Pink Triathlon... I aim to do a bit of running this weekend but am going away to The Numurkah Foodbowl Music Festival From Friday afternoon until Monday So my other options are kind of limited... But with a whole weekend away where John can look after Molly I should be able to get at least 3 decent runs in! My sister-in-law and bestie Mezz Coleman is playing a gig at the festival on Sunday afternoon. I'm singing backing vocals for one of her songs. I'm so excited!

I have an inspirational story to post soon so stay tuned!

Big Hugs!

Monday, 13 October 2008

Another 10kms!

Yesterday was the Melbourne Marathon and it was an awesome day! There is something special about those big races where there are thousands of people all there for the same reason. It was a very "festival" atmosphere before the race with people playing music and teams gathering around tents.

Before the starting gun I was lining up with all these fit looking running types and I thought to myself "gee you've come a long way!". I still get really nervous before a run- The task seems so big and I can't visualise finishing.... but I always do!!

I gave myself a goal for this run- to run the first 5km. And I did it!! Nearly 6kms actually!! Except for the bottleneck right at the start and a few steps walking at the drink station!! I DID IT! Yay!

I ran until I saw a friend of mine and passed her- then stupidly, I ran too fast to lose her (I'm competitive) and tired myself out. Then she caught up with me- we walked about a kilometre and ran and walked until we had 1km to go- then we bolted to the finish line and crossed together holding our hands together in the air.

It was soooo hot!

I'm a bit tired so wont write more now- but it was a really good run..

I have had a horrible week with food! I think TTOM is coming today or tomorrow- I don't want to weigh in tonight... I might just go for the meeting bit.

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Why am I proud of myself?

(I wrote this for the Healthy Body Club forums but thought it would be good to put it here too)

1996: Came last in cross country and made a vow never to run again- my poor little fat pre-teen body just could not handle it.

1997-2002: Miserable with my body without the wisdom that something could be done- highschool kids are cruel...

2003: On a plane coming home from england I asked the hostess for a seat belt extender so I could fly safely. The regular seat belt cut me in half and I could barely breath. This was a wake-up call! I was 115kilos and suffering from bladder control issues at the age of 18!

On the same trip (in Melb airport) I picked up a copy of Ajays book (confessions of a reformed dieter) and could not put it down. This lady was talking about all the things I had avoided talking about for so many years (even the bum-wiping issue that I swore only happened to me!)

Late 2003: I joined the gym and started aqua aerobics classes and walking. I cleared all the junk food out of my kitchen and started trying to find healthier options (to begin with it was just buying anything that said "fat free")

2004: I was able to lose 15kilos before my wedding in December. My motto was slow and steady. I was counting weight watchers points to track my food and I started doing more vigorous classes at the gym. I joined HBC for the first time.

2005: This is the year that it really all came together. I started a weightloss blog and met a huge group of fantastic ladies who were also trying to lose weight. I met a new friend called Philippa who was the same weight and height as me with the same goal weight. So we worked together to reach our goal.

I found the key to getting results with my PT Sarah- WEIGHT TRAINING! It was hard but the cardio alone was not making my body look the way I wanted it to. I was 83kilos and needed something to change if I was going to get to goal so I devised my own 12 week challenge. I worked hard doing 3 weights sessions and 3 cardio sessions every week. I was able to lift some very heavy weights!

By the end of the challenge I was 74kilos and finally at my goal weight.
I am very proud of my achievements!

2006: I got pregnant! I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy- I never learned to maintain my weight and my portion sizes and servings of junk food increased.

2007: I focussed on my baby and began to rein my eating in.

It is now 2008 and I have lost 30 kilos since my highest pregnancy weight. I am on the road to reaching my goal again. I have about 10 kilos until I am in a healthy weight range again. I am now a runner and have competed in several events this year.

I am very proud of doing it all again!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Why is it that after I have a decent loss I try and undo all the effort??

Yesterday I had a bad eating day- some may call it a binge... hmmm

I had yoghurt (2) and lsa (.5) and a skim latte (1) for brekky, 3 vitawheats with cheese and vegemite (4) for morning tea, a capeseed (4) roll with 1/2 a boiled egg (.5) and salad (0) for lunch, then (here's where it got ugly!) 4 family assorted creams (5), a small milky bar (3), some jellies (1.5) and a choc crisp bar (1.5)... then I shook it off and decided (after contemplating throwing up or not eating for the rest of the day- a very unhealthy thought pattern from my eating disorder days) to have chicken and salad for dinner (3). Total= 26

I played 2 fast games of netball last night which should take care of at least a few of those extra calories!

My 2 games of netball got me an extra 7 points! (Just worked that out on my points slider thingy) So I don't feel as bad about the binge as I still come within the total points if I spend those exercise points!

So if I have a few lighter days I should still be ok. Especially as I have a couple of walks planned over the next couple of days and a 10 km run and a group exercise class planned for Sunday!!

Phew- it's good to come on here and write it all down to see that it's not as bad as I thought!

Monday, 6 October 2008

Weigh in 6th October

I am pleased to announce that I have indeed had a loss!! And a good one at that!

1 kilogram!! 1000 grams!! 2.2 lbs for any non metrics out there playing along at home...

I felt like I was going to do well and I have! Hooray for me!!

I have done it by careful tracking, a moderate amount of exercise and making sure my weekends (particularly Friday nights) aren't too slack. I have noticed that it's a pattern for me to go well all week and then lose it somewhere between thursday night and weigh-in...

I took Molly to the pool this morning. Not much exercise for me but I overcame a lot just getting into my swimsuit!! It was 8:30 in the morning, hardly anyone there anyway. I took her today as we had a bit of an ordeal last night when we were trying to wash her hair in the bath. She scramed and screamed!! She's never been afraid of water before so it came as a shock. I love water and I had her in swimming lessons from when she was four months old but finished up just before we moved here (she was 11 months) so there has been almost a year's break and it's like we've undone all the work we did early on. I wish we had've found swimming lessons as soon as we got over this side of town as she'd probably be swimming by now... she was very good- ahead of all the other kids her age. She used to be able to swim under water to me and hold on to my shoulders while we duck dived (dove??) under the water.

So the episode in the bath was enough of a wake up call to get her back in the pool. After a tentative few minutes, she was spashing, kicking and having a great old time. She will not stop talking about having a "very big bath" today.

I also cut her hair this evening. It has been getting a bit straggly at the back and I have been casually mentioning cutting her hair to John without getting much of a response. Anyhow, today I mentioned it again and to my surprise he said "do it, I trust you"... so I jumped on the opportunity before he changed his mind! She now has a cute little bob just above her shoulders with a heavy straight-cut fringe. She looks quite trendy actually! The front of her bob is a bit longer following her jaw line. We went out and bought a lovely little headband to compliment the new style. She feels it-and-a-bit!

I'll take pics soon- promise!!

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Plugging along...

Hi all,

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Melbourne-I just spent half an our relaxing on the deck outside.

I am feeling like I will have a good weigh in tomorrow night but I thought that last week too so we'll have to wait and see how we go!! My Beatles t-shirt that I wore in the Run For the Kids this year is feeling a lot looser (George's face isn't as distorted stretching over my ample bosom!). And my denim skirt is much more comfortable so if I am not losing weight I must be losing centimetres! I should measure this week to see if there is much difference.

Next weekend is the Melbourne Marathon! I'm doing the 10km run and plan to jog as much of it as I am able. Then we have the Pink Triathlon soon too! I am going to put my bike in for a service tomorrow to make sure I don't kill myself when the handlebars fall off. Then there is the 2nd Spring into Shape 8km run the week after that- so it is busy times!! Hopefully the couple of kilos I have lost in this past month will make it a little easier to haul myself around the course!

Fingers and toes crossed for my weigh-in tomorrow!


Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Go check it out...

My hubby's band have a new website...

Go check it out!

I had a great day yesterday... i felt like a very healthy fit person... My food was spot on- I ate exactly my points and it was all healthy foods which are going to make my body sooo happy!

I also did a lot of exercise which will also make my body happy (and my mind too!)- I walked from the office in Port Melbourne to the bottom of Elizabeth street instead of catching the bus and then played 2 games of netball. I worked up such a sweat! It was fantastic! I really played well last night and feel I made a contribution to both teams... It's such a good feeling to be in a team and actually feel like you know what you are doing!!

Today I'm doing the walk I did last Thursday again- from Port Melbourne to Richmond... I usually walk around the shops in Richmond when I get there so it works out to about 8 kms.

Hope everyone is feeling good. Here comes the sun la la la la!

I love it when we step out of the fog of winter!