Monday, 6 October 2008

Weigh in 6th October

I am pleased to announce that I have indeed had a loss!! And a good one at that!

1 kilogram!! 1000 grams!! 2.2 lbs for any non metrics out there playing along at home...

I felt like I was going to do well and I have! Hooray for me!!

I have done it by careful tracking, a moderate amount of exercise and making sure my weekends (particularly Friday nights) aren't too slack. I have noticed that it's a pattern for me to go well all week and then lose it somewhere between thursday night and weigh-in...

I took Molly to the pool this morning. Not much exercise for me but I overcame a lot just getting into my swimsuit!! It was 8:30 in the morning, hardly anyone there anyway. I took her today as we had a bit of an ordeal last night when we were trying to wash her hair in the bath. She scramed and screamed!! She's never been afraid of water before so it came as a shock. I love water and I had her in swimming lessons from when she was four months old but finished up just before we moved here (she was 11 months) so there has been almost a year's break and it's like we've undone all the work we did early on. I wish we had've found swimming lessons as soon as we got over this side of town as she'd probably be swimming by now... she was very good- ahead of all the other kids her age. She used to be able to swim under water to me and hold on to my shoulders while we duck dived (dove??) under the water.

So the episode in the bath was enough of a wake up call to get her back in the pool. After a tentative few minutes, she was spashing, kicking and having a great old time. She will not stop talking about having a "very big bath" today.

I also cut her hair this evening. It has been getting a bit straggly at the back and I have been casually mentioning cutting her hair to John without getting much of a response. Anyhow, today I mentioned it again and to my surprise he said "do it, I trust you"... so I jumped on the opportunity before he changed his mind! She now has a cute little bob just above her shoulders with a heavy straight-cut fringe. She looks quite trendy actually! The front of her bob is a bit longer following her jaw line. We went out and bought a lovely little headband to compliment the new style. She feels it-and-a-bit!

I'll take pics soon- promise!!

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Kathiej said...

Hi Ash

Congrats on the loss that is great

I must say you are brave to cut your little ones hair

I cut Lacey's fringe (now 15) when she was a bub and I cut it crooked and then kept trying to correct it
Well by the time I had finished her fringe was all of about 2cm long poor girl
Never done it since I pay for all their haircuts.

Can't wait to see photos :-)

missmilo said...

YAYYYYYY congrats on the loss babe! What a fantastic effort, you must feel wonderful!! :D

I struggle a lot on the weekends, too. I'm fine all week at work (barely have time to think about food, which is a good thing!) and then the weekend comes and I just can't stop eating! I usually save pts for the weekend but still, it'd be much nicer not to blow all my hard work :( I'm inspired by you now... next weekend will be healthy healthy healthy!!!

And yay, I'm so excited about doing a fitness class with you! I reckon Sunday arvos are probably best for both of us, although this Sunday I have plans... maybe the one after?

Lots of love! And please post piccies of gorgeous Molly's new haircut! (You clever thing!)

Cinders said...

Great loss Ash - well done. I know we didn't do it often but I miss the morning swims.

Andrea said...

Wonderful! Can't wait to see Molly's haircut. :)

Yummy Mummy said...

Well done...
Can't wait to see little Molly's photos!

Just read back a few posts and you seem really + and things are going great!
Well done..