Thursday, 9 October 2008

Why am I proud of myself?

(I wrote this for the Healthy Body Club forums but thought it would be good to put it here too)

1996: Came last in cross country and made a vow never to run again- my poor little fat pre-teen body just could not handle it.

1997-2002: Miserable with my body without the wisdom that something could be done- highschool kids are cruel...

2003: On a plane coming home from england I asked the hostess for a seat belt extender so I could fly safely. The regular seat belt cut me in half and I could barely breath. This was a wake-up call! I was 115kilos and suffering from bladder control issues at the age of 18!

On the same trip (in Melb airport) I picked up a copy of Ajays book (confessions of a reformed dieter) and could not put it down. This lady was talking about all the things I had avoided talking about for so many years (even the bum-wiping issue that I swore only happened to me!)

Late 2003: I joined the gym and started aqua aerobics classes and walking. I cleared all the junk food out of my kitchen and started trying to find healthier options (to begin with it was just buying anything that said "fat free")

2004: I was able to lose 15kilos before my wedding in December. My motto was slow and steady. I was counting weight watchers points to track my food and I started doing more vigorous classes at the gym. I joined HBC for the first time.

2005: This is the year that it really all came together. I started a weightloss blog and met a huge group of fantastic ladies who were also trying to lose weight. I met a new friend called Philippa who was the same weight and height as me with the same goal weight. So we worked together to reach our goal.

I found the key to getting results with my PT Sarah- WEIGHT TRAINING! It was hard but the cardio alone was not making my body look the way I wanted it to. I was 83kilos and needed something to change if I was going to get to goal so I devised my own 12 week challenge. I worked hard doing 3 weights sessions and 3 cardio sessions every week. I was able to lift some very heavy weights!

By the end of the challenge I was 74kilos and finally at my goal weight.
I am very proud of my achievements!

2006: I got pregnant! I put on a lot of weight during my pregnancy- I never learned to maintain my weight and my portion sizes and servings of junk food increased.

2007: I focussed on my baby and began to rein my eating in.

It is now 2008 and I have lost 30 kilos since my highest pregnancy weight. I am on the road to reaching my goal again. I have about 10 kilos until I am in a healthy weight range again. I am now a runner and have competed in several events this year.

I am very proud of doing it all again!

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carla said...

Ooooh I did it.


Cheering you on.


Phil said...

You were my inspiration then, and you're still my inspiration now :)

You should be proud of yourself, because so many other people in your life are too.


Andrea said...

You should be proud! Count me as one of the people you are inspiring. I lost 30-40 lbs way back when (2002-2003) and here I am - full of baby weight and ready to do it all over! You've showed me that it's possible. I am very happy for you!

carla said...

dang. go YOU Miss. Inspiring the masses....

The Fat Girl said...

Yeah...flipping amazing! What an insperation you are!

Jadey 0:-) said...

You really are one amazing woman. Doing it the second time is SO much harder than the first.Well done xoxoxox