Wednesday, 8 October 2008


Why is it that after I have a decent loss I try and undo all the effort??

Yesterday I had a bad eating day- some may call it a binge... hmmm

I had yoghurt (2) and lsa (.5) and a skim latte (1) for brekky, 3 vitawheats with cheese and vegemite (4) for morning tea, a capeseed (4) roll with 1/2 a boiled egg (.5) and salad (0) for lunch, then (here's where it got ugly!) 4 family assorted creams (5), a small milky bar (3), some jellies (1.5) and a choc crisp bar (1.5)... then I shook it off and decided (after contemplating throwing up or not eating for the rest of the day- a very unhealthy thought pattern from my eating disorder days) to have chicken and salad for dinner (3). Total= 26

I played 2 fast games of netball last night which should take care of at least a few of those extra calories!

My 2 games of netball got me an extra 7 points! (Just worked that out on my points slider thingy) So I don't feel as bad about the binge as I still come within the total points if I spend those exercise points!

So if I have a few lighter days I should still be ok. Especially as I have a couple of walks planned over the next couple of days and a 10 km run and a group exercise class planned for Sunday!!

Phew- it's good to come on here and write it all down to see that it's not as bad as I thought!

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Kathiej said...

Don't know if you want comments or just venting to yourself but here I go.
You have come a long way, you didn't go back to your old ways of coping like throwing up, you say you slipped a bit but look at what you ate a small milkyway....before getting healthy wouldn't it have been a large choc of some sort, and you were able to stop yourself
I am proud of you
You have done well be proud of the things you have changed.

Kathiej said...
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