Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Go check it out...

My hubby's band have a new website...

Go check it out!

I had a great day yesterday... i felt like a very healthy fit person... My food was spot on- I ate exactly my points and it was all healthy foods which are going to make my body sooo happy!

I also did a lot of exercise which will also make my body happy (and my mind too!)- I walked from the office in Port Melbourne to the bottom of Elizabeth street instead of catching the bus and then played 2 games of netball. I worked up such a sweat! It was fantastic! I really played well last night and feel I made a contribution to both teams... It's such a good feeling to be in a team and actually feel like you know what you are doing!!

Today I'm doing the walk I did last Thursday again- from Port Melbourne to Richmond... I usually walk around the shops in Richmond when I get there so it works out to about 8 kms.

Hope everyone is feeling good. Here comes the sun la la la la!

I love it when we step out of the fog of winter!

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Kathiej said...

Hi Ash
The website looks great
Tell hubby well done
Enjoy your walk

Ellie80 said...

Hello! Thanks for inviting me along- I look forward to following your adventures!