Sunday, 31 May 2009

Sri chinmoy 4km- before the run!

I'm going to be a Personal Trainer by September!

How excitement!

I start in July with Fitnation 2 nights a week from 6 till 10pm... It's going to be an exhausting 16 weeks but worth it!


Any potential clients??


Friday, 29 May 2009

Testing email blogging

Did it work?

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Monday, 25 May 2009

My day... hmph!

Hey all,

Sorry to be a downer but today I just feel so crap! I knew last night when I wanted to go to bed at 8pm that I was coming down with something... AGAIN! I just seem to get everything that goes around recently which doesn't make sense to me as I have spent so much time and energy getting my diet to a level that I assumed would help my general immunity AND I had a flu shot which I thought might help.. but nope!

My ears are all foggy and my throat is on fire and I'm just really annoyed today. John's at uni and I need to find some fun things for Molly to do today otherwise she will just start climbing the walls...Hmm... maybe getting out to the shops or the park would be good for both of us.

But there is SO much to do around the house (as there is after every weekend when I am at work) sweeping, vac**ing, mopping, dishes, laundry, bedroom tidying etc etc etc and I just don't have the energy but can't stand being in chaos so I will do it all..


I've been doing the housework bit by bit... I currently have a clean kitchen and mopped floor (apart from a few pots to wash), and I have a tidy living room.

I have been quite tempted to eat things that aren't good body fuel today. It's funny that those old thoughts come back when I'm feeling a little blue. I even said to Molly that we'd get some chips to share while we were at the shopping centre earlier but we talked it through together (she's only 2 and a half but has great insight) and decided that we would go get hot drinks instead as the chips might make mummy feel even more sick as they aren't a healthy food for our bodies..

So I ended up having a chicken, avo and salad wrap and Molly had a tuna sushi. We followed it up with coffee for me and a babycino for Molly and we were all satisfied.

So now she's asleep and I am having some me-time. About to go make a cup of tea and may close my own eyes for a powernap before she wakes up.. I really do have it easy with Molly though. She's so easygoing and understanding. She keeps trying to do things to cheer me up and saying "do you feel better now mummy?" Cute!

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Yummy protein!

I have devised a very sneaky way to make a delicious meal packed with protein.

Grill these... (Chevups)

Chop them into pieces and add this...

Simmer until sausage is cooked through and serve with the grain of your choice or if you're going light on the carbs it tastes great mixed through a salad or on top of a big pile of cauliflower and brocolli.. Yum! That's what I'm having for lunch today!

Thursday, 21 May 2009

Move your body every every body!

Now that's just rediculous!!! Someone's got a little too much spare time me thinks!

This week... with the aim not being to become big barry biceps pictured above, but lean fit and strong! (without the use of illicit substances... not that I'm accusing anyone! ahem!)

Monday: 3 hours of cycling

Tuesday: Weights

Wednesday: Swim 45 mins

Thursday: Weights + community fitball class

Friday: Bike ride, walk or jog

Saturday: Weights

Sunday: Bike ride 1 hour
I'll be back later with some more in depth thoughts.... hmmm... let me think!

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Get back in the groove!

I have been so on top of my eating over the last month. I think having an injury made me step up to the plate and eat more high quality foods and less junk/calories as I knew I wasn't burning as much with little to no cardio.

Anywhoo, I'm back on the cardio wagon. I did 3 hours of cycling yesterday! But with the cardio comes more hunger! So my challenge for this week is to focus on good quality high protein snacks (particularly in the 2nd half of each day) so I don't have an all out sugar binge after dinner.

Today's food looks like this:

B. 1 egg and 3 white omelette with spinach, fetta and bacon
S. mango smoothie
L. Ham, cheese and tomato on wholemeal bread
S. tuna
D. Mayra's cooking- not sure but usually healthy!

I am also going to try not having anything after dinner as it is a destructive habit I have been in. If I really want something I can have tea or a Jarrah chocolatte.

Had a lovely brunch with Linda, Brookie and Cat on Sunday which began with a stroll around the Tan. A lovely way to start the day! Thanks ladies!

Thursday, 14 May 2009

A pain in the...

... left foot! The "other" foot from my previous ankle injury... My self-diagnosis is that in limping around for so long on the right ankle, the left one has been under too much pressure and has spit the dummy. That is a medical term... look it up!

Anyway!! Sore feet and all, I got out of bed at 5:30 this morning and did my second weights session for the week. After a tough session on Tuesday night I was feeling pretty weak this morning! I have another weights session on Saturday in which I will probably feel just as sore. I just have to keep remembering that sore is GOOD as it means the muscles will have to re-build themselves bigger and stronger!

John and I were admiring my newly uncovered biceps last night and that was enough incentive to keep doing it! I can actually do proper push-ups now! Well, about 11 and then I have to drop to my knees, but a few months ago I couldn't do 1!

So even without all the intense cardio I have still managed to lose more weight this week. Only 300g but it is surely better than nothing! I am now 84kg on the button and looking forward to seeing the 83s. I was actually a bit surprised with my loss this week as I have had a pretty slack time with food. Oh well, I won't complain!

I have yummy breakfasts planned for this week! I got inspired in the supermarket last night when I saw Carman's bircher muesli on sale for $4.oo. I grabbed a box and a litre of organic fat free natural yoghurt, mixed it all together with grated apple and I have enough breakfasty-type-food to sink a battle ship! It really makes a lot and it just gets better with age in the fridge (not too long!). I also got some wholegrain english muffins and ABC butter (almond, cashew, brazil). Molly loves it and it has nothing yukky added to it. MMMM!

Anyway, that's enough from me today! Hope you're all doing well.

FYI (and my accountability)- My food diary
B. Bircher muesli
S. 1 english muffin with ABC butter
L. Beef and veggie soup, 1 apple and a skim latte
S. Tuna and beans thingy
D. Grilled fish with steamed broccoli, cauli, carrot, pumpkin
S. Jarrah chocolatte (and apple if hungry)

Exercise: Weights 50 min circuit + warm up and stretching
H20: 2 litres

Friday, 8 May 2009

Just had to post this cute pic of Molly...

Here it is!! It's short!

My new hair...

I'm just waiting for my photos to copy from my camera to my computer... ho hum.... Will be back soon with pics of my lopped locks!

Thursday, 7 May 2009


I just registered for Around the Bay in a Day 2009!!!

For those who don't know this is a massive bike ride held on October 18th this year. I have entered the 210km option going from Melbourne to Sorrento and back.
I'm ok... I'm ok...
On a side note, I cut a lot of my hair off today.. It's now a nice bob thingy! I'll take a pic soon!

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Food and love

Yes Ani, my day of food did turn out to be all I was hoping for! I needed to make a couple of adjustments due to time constraints (and other factors) so this is how my day of food turned out:

b. scrambled eggs (1 yolk and lots-o-whites) and was going to have toast but went to the freezer and the rest of the family must've thought toast was a good idea too so no bread! Had a very small bowl of muesli with skim milk as well as I am a hell of a nasty pasty if I don't have some form of carbs in the morning.

s. apple and yoghurt

l. was going to have tuna salad but ended up running late for a course I was doing today so I bought lunch from a sandwich bar... I got a chicken and mega-huge-colourful salad wrap and only ate half the pita. 1/2 a coffee... didn't feel like it so threw it out.

s. tuna and 3 tsp yoghurt

d. chicken and steamed broccoli, cauli, brussel sprouts and pumpkin

s. this is the only thing I shouldn't really have had today... some custard (delicious very thick gourmet custard in the purple tub) I had about half a cup... worth every calorie!

I took my mum's dog out for a brisk 45 min walk this evening and smiled at all the other dog walkers. One guy even stopped to talk to mum's dog and said "hello Buffy"... He knew my mum's dog from the park! She's famous apparently!

To answer a question left in my comments section I met my husband at a church camp when I was 14 and he was 17. I fell in love with him right there but we didn't get together for three years after that.

Monday, 4 May 2009

Tomorrow.. delicious and nutritious!

Today's food, while within my calories, did not go to plan. I had a training day where lunch was provided and I ended up carb loading without meaning to. (I did do an hour long boxing session and a half an hour walk but I don't like eating up my exercise burnt calories!!)

So I thought I'd have a good think about what to have tomorrow to even things up.

Here goes;

B. 2 poached eggs on toast
S. 1 tub jalna yoghurt, 1 apple and peppermint tea
L. Tuna salad with avocado
S. 4 meatballs and peppermint tea
D. Roast chicken and steamed veggies
S. If I really want a sweet thing I'll have a jarrah chocolatte

YUMMM!!! Love the thought of tomorrow's food... love the thought of size 12 jeans!

The last couple of days of semi-unplanned eating have me worried that my next weigh-in may not be as spectacular as I'd like... My weekends at work are something I need to work on as far as sticking to a plan goes as my workmate is a very go-with-the-flow type of eater and I often have 5 hour breaks between breakky and lunch and then eat too much in the afternoon.

We'll have to wait and see if I can correct the possible damage done before weigh in...


Sunday, 3 May 2009

Answer to Bee's question on the Gabriel Method

I have nothing but positive things to say about it! I am using the visualisation CD and find myself saying things to myself during the day like "I run like a child at play"... just out of nowhere it pops into my head and makes training more fun..

I am also finding that I am not thinking about food as much and like the CD suggests "food is just there". I am craving nurticious fresh and healthy foods and my body feels great.
I am sure about the idea that you stop craving junk when your body is properly nourished.
Hope that helps!

Things you wanted to know...

What did you have for dinner last night?

Last night I was at my sister in law's for dinner. She made healthy pita breat pizzas and I ate till I had enough... mmmm!

What is your one vice?

I can't say I have many vices... although I love really really good ice cream. I'm happy to say "no thanks" to crappy ice cream but if someone offers me something really good (like the gelato shop near Lygon t in Carlton... droool!) I have a hard time saying no. I also love Jalna yoghurts.

Do you think you've grown your hair much longer? I got a shock when I saw how long it was! :)

Yes... te hee! I'm getting sick of it though... It's hard work!

Oh, and come on - you owe me a Gabriel Method answer from a question I posted ages ago!!!

I'll have to go review old posts and comments about this and get back to you... Sorry! I'm not a very good comment replying person.

Edit: I have nothing but positive things to say about it! I am using the visualisation CD and find myself saying things to myself during the day like "I run like a child at play"... just out of nowhere it pops into my head and makes training more fun..
I am also finding that I am not thinking about food as much and like the CD suggests "food is just there". I am craving nurticious fresh and healthy foods and my body feels great.I am sure about the idea that you stop craving junk when your body is properly nourished.Hope that helps!


This is fun!

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Ask me anything....

I did this on my old Healthy Ashwee blog and I think it's time to do it again!

Ask me anything and I'll answer as honestly as I can!

Go on! It's fun!

A yummy thing...

Today for lunch I had a Mexican wrap from Healthy Habits. It was so delicious I just had to share it and I'll probably replicate it at home.

It had;
1 medium pita bread
1 tbs guacamole
1 tbs salsa
1 tbs low fat sour cream
100g (ish) shaved chicken breast

It was supposed to have crumbed chicken strips but I asked for shaved chicken breast instead. It was like a nacho in a wrap (minus the corn chips!). It was delicious!

Friday, 1 May 2009

It's been a tough week and a bit...

... I haven't been able to exercise since I hurt myself.. well, I have kind of exercised by doing upper body toning work and core strengthening exercises at home however I am pining for my Step into Life sessions...

I am back tomorrow morning. A 7am toning session. I am going to give my muscles the shock of their lives!

I managed to lose another 200g in the last week bringing my total loss for the last fortnight to 1.9kgs! This is a much better result than I have had in recent months and I am determined for it to keep happening!

I am now 84.3kg.. the lowest weight I have been since before Molly was born... I am very pleased with this!

My nutrition plan is still consisting of 5 meals a day as follows (example only);
1: (carbs and protein) porridge, fruit and low fat jalna yoghurt with whey
2: (carbs and protein) tuna and apple (and a skim latte usually)
3: (carbs and protein) wholemeal pita with poached chicken and salad and wholegrain mustard dressing (mmm!)
4: (protein only) cottage cheese/protein bar/shake/low fat meatballs
5: (protein and veggies) chicken casserole with steamed broccoli, cauliflower and green beans

This is keeping me so so so full! I am expecting another good loss next week.

I'm off to have a peppermint tea and go to bed!