Sunday, 3 May 2009

Things you wanted to know...

What did you have for dinner last night?

Last night I was at my sister in law's for dinner. She made healthy pita breat pizzas and I ate till I had enough... mmmm!

What is your one vice?

I can't say I have many vices... although I love really really good ice cream. I'm happy to say "no thanks" to crappy ice cream but if someone offers me something really good (like the gelato shop near Lygon t in Carlton... droool!) I have a hard time saying no. I also love Jalna yoghurts.

Do you think you've grown your hair much longer? I got a shock when I saw how long it was! :)

Yes... te hee! I'm getting sick of it though... It's hard work!

Oh, and come on - you owe me a Gabriel Method answer from a question I posted ages ago!!!

I'll have to go review old posts and comments about this and get back to you... Sorry! I'm not a very good comment replying person.

Edit: I have nothing but positive things to say about it! I am using the visualisation CD and find myself saying things to myself during the day like "I run like a child at play"... just out of nowhere it pops into my head and makes training more fun..
I am also finding that I am not thinking about food as much and like the CD suggests "food is just there". I am craving nurticious fresh and healthy foods and my body feels great.I am sure about the idea that you stop craving junk when your body is properly nourished.Hope that helps!


This is fun!

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Anonymous said...

Ask you more...hmmm. Ok. Let me think. What about - How did you meet your husband?

Thanks for the GM update = I am loving it too! :)