Thursday, 27 November 2008

An interesting conversation...

I had a chat last night with a very good Personal Trainer (Thanks Jeff!!) about why I am not getting the results I think I should be getting from exercise.

I have been exercising frequently and I feel my fitness is improving however I am not noticing much movement on the scales. If this was only for a few weeks it would not bother me but it has been for the past year!

So I told him all the exercise I have been doing and intensity etc. and (just as my Polar HRM told me) I have been working too hard. My heart rate has been going too high for too long and I am not in the "fat burn zone" when I am exercising"... He said it has the same effect on the muscles as exercising without air. Hence the lack of progress.

So he recommended I stick to the Polar heart rate program and increase my weights sessions and I should see a difference very soon.

The only thing is, I'll have to tone down the running and, when in events, might have to walk some- but that's ok... I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

On a HIGH!!

Hey all,Just coming on here for a bit of a brag!I completed the final 8km run for the Spring into Shape Series this morning.

I have done 2 other runs- the first one I completed in 1:06:34,

the 2nd I did the 4km (due to having to be somewhere) in 29:50

And this morning I completed the 8km course in 1:00:35 !!! I have shaved off more than 6 minutes with 3 months of (not even full on) training!!

And, the think I am even happier about is that I jogged the WHOLE 8k!! Only walking a couple of steps to have a decent drink at the drink station! That is the first time I have achieved something like this... I'm on such a high!!


It's amazing how different things can be when you're in a good frame of mind...

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Said Molly to me....

After spending half the night in our bed.....

Molly: "Mummy.... let's get up.... let's get up and have lunch"

Me: "Don't you mean breakfast??"

Molly: "oh.... yes... Mummy... Let's get up.... let's get up and have break frast"


Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Check out the comment on my polar heart rate post!! What the??


I didn't tell you about Sunday did I?

Well, you know that run I was talking about doing?? The spring into shape one??

It's next week!

Gimme a D- Gimme an O- Gimme and O-F-U-S! What does it spell??


Monday, 17 November 2008


You know how I said I was getting an article published in Runner's World magazine? Did I tell you that?? Yes?? No??

Well, the editor called me the other day to ask if they could do a profile on me! It will be in a summer issue (I will let you know)

I just had the photographer come to my house this morning and take a portrait of Molly and me plus a whole lot of running shots by the river!!

So you all have to buy a copy and see me being all famous and athletic!!! It's amazing when someone else (other than you guys and family) acknowledges the hard work I have put in to lose 30kgs (nearly 40 the first time- then 30 since I had Molly). It's a real boost which makes me want to take this HBC 16 week Biggest loser challenge even more seriously!


Saturday, 15 November 2008

I [heart] my new polar heart rate monitor!!!

I am totally addicted to this thing. I got the F11 (this is the colour too "pink fizz") model which works out exercise programs for you and determines where your heart rate should be and how long you should work out in that zone.

I did a work out this morning and realised that I have probably been over-doing it and I should focus more on consistancy (4-5 times a week) at a moderate level rather than slogging it out at max heart rate 2-3 times.

Today I burnt 450 calories in 50 minutes.

I am interested to see how many calories I burn in my 8km run tomorrow and what my average heart rate will be.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Hate to be materialistic but......

.... I am so excited... My mummy said she will get me one of these for my birthday!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Weigh in 10/11/08

Up 100g to 87.9kg... but TTOM came today so I am feeling really positive as I usually gain about 1 kilo each month! And I have sucessfully avoided my usual pre-menstrual choccy binge- somehow!

This morning on my home scales I was 86.5kg- that is the lowest ttom number I have seen in.. well.... over 2 years!

And I am feeling really motivated! I had weight watchers last night and I decided to leave a little earlier and ride my bike there. It was just lovely to slow down for a minute and take everything in. The ride there was a little scary with big trucks whooshing past me- but the ride home, I went a different way. I rode along the Maribyrnong river track. The sun was setting and it made the river shimmer pink and orange. There were bunnies everywhere (in Footscray??) and I wondered why I didn't do it more often.

After last night's ride I didn't feel like driving to work today so I left early and caught the train/tram and bus to get here. It was really nice getting out into the crisp morning air and just take my time. I was able to help motorcyclist who fell off his bike (he was ok but needed help getting his bike off the road) and I wouldn't have been there had I driven. I also got a lovely free coffee from my used up loyalty card- which I wouldn't have thought to do had I driven.

And- best of all, I got to work early and was able to ease my way into the morning.

The moral of the story.... just slow down! Plan to have more time by leaving early or deciding not to do something unimportant.

Have a good day!

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

This pic is from Tri Pink 2007- Just posting to brag that those bathers are waaay too big for me now!

I love this pic of both Mayra and Me! I can really see how my body has changed over the last year. It's funny coz I am a similar weight as I was this time last year but I have dropped a dress size! I love muscle!

It's here! Happy birthday 2 me!

Monday, 3 November 2008

Lookie what I just ordered!!!

A pressie from my grand-p's for my birthday!!! I love having loaded rellies!

Sunday, 2 November 2008

My Pink Triathlon

This morning was absolutely brilliant!

I was quite relaxed, had a good night sleep and yummy jam on toast and tea for brekky (I love jam on toast before an event!)...

My friend Mayra and I decided we would do the long course together to support and challenge each other. Our course was 300m swim/9km bike/ 3km run and I wasn't nervous at all until we were heading for the pool deck, preparing to start! I am so happy Mayra did it with me as she is a little bit fitter than me and a more experienced cyclist. She just did the 210km round the bay in a day ride. She was a terrific support.

The 6 lap swim was the easiest part for me- I am a strong swimmer and I felt quite comfortable the whole way. I think we did it in under 10 minutes. I forgot to put my drink bottle at transition so I left it by the pool and grabbed it on my way to transition. It was quite a good move really as aI got to have a decent drink before getting on the bike.

was easy peezy. We decided beforehand that we were going to take our time and not get flustered. Mayra and I had matching race singlets and bike shorts and we looked cute as a button.. I love elastic laces. It made it so quick to get going.

The ride was much easier than I thought it would be. Last year I struggled and I did the short course so I was interested to see if my increased fitness would help, especially as I was riding with Mayra who is a much better cyclist than me. I managed to keep up just fine! Last year I had ladies whizzing past me and this year I was passing everyone else. The six laps went quickly and were relatively easy- it was all pleasure apart from a bug that went in my eye (which didn't come out till we got home!!!). I now realize just how much fitter I am than I was last year! I am a similar weight but I feel like a different person now! I have been working hard on my fitness all year and it has paid off!

Second transition was easy- apart from Mayra getting told off for unclipping her helmet before she racked her bike. Quick drink, helmet off, and off we went... then the crisis point came (as it always does at some point!) and I didn't feel like my legs were going to carry me.. I even said "I can't run" and Mayra assured me I could! I ran most of it and walked about 150 metres in total. I didn't feel good until the last/4th lap when I obviously overcome the pain/crazy mind games barrier and we ran over the line holding each other's hands in the air!

We felt absolutely unreal to have been able to complete the course so confidently. I think Mayra is addicted! We'll be seeing her at triathlons all over Victoria! And I think we'll see her around the forums soon too!
It was wonderful to see Ajay and all the girls! Thanks for your amazing support and cheers!! Well done to all who competed..

I saw Shell and Bek cross the line- Beck apparently smashed her time from the last one so I look forward to reading her melbourne wrap up!

Yay to all us pinkies!!