Saturday, 15 November 2008

I [heart] my new polar heart rate monitor!!!

I am totally addicted to this thing. I got the F11 (this is the colour too "pink fizz") model which works out exercise programs for you and determines where your heart rate should be and how long you should work out in that zone.

I did a work out this morning and realised that I have probably been over-doing it and I should focus more on consistancy (4-5 times a week) at a moderate level rather than slogging it out at max heart rate 2-3 times.

Today I burnt 450 calories in 50 minutes.

I am interested to see how many calories I burn in my 8km run tomorrow and what my average heart rate will be.

2 of you love me enough to comment...:

Chris @ Polar said...

We [heart] you! =) Let us know if you have any questions at any point!

Welcome to the training revolution!

-Chris @ Polar USA

Yummy Mummy said...

So cool!! Happy birthday!!

I have the green one and love it!!!