Thursday, 27 November 2008

An interesting conversation...

I had a chat last night with a very good Personal Trainer (Thanks Jeff!!) about why I am not getting the results I think I should be getting from exercise.

I have been exercising frequently and I feel my fitness is improving however I am not noticing much movement on the scales. If this was only for a few weeks it would not bother me but it has been for the past year!

So I told him all the exercise I have been doing and intensity etc. and (just as my Polar HRM told me) I have been working too hard. My heart rate has been going too high for too long and I am not in the "fat burn zone" when I am exercising"... He said it has the same effect on the muscles as exercising without air. Hence the lack of progress.

So he recommended I stick to the Polar heart rate program and increase my weights sessions and I should see a difference very soon.

The only thing is, I'll have to tone down the running and, when in events, might have to walk some- but that's ok... I'll keep everyone posted on how it goes!

3 of you love me enough to comment...:

Kate said...

Hmmm, that IS interesting. I'll have to pull my finger out and start exercising again to see if that's true! ;)

Ashwee said...

Haha... no pressure!

katiep said...

Heavens knows I am no expert but the advice doesn't sound quite right to me. Maybe swap some cardio out with weight training but the whole 'fat burning zone' idea doesn't seem to be highly regarded in the fitness world.

I would be getting a second opinion?

Just me ... no pressure! :)