Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Weigh in 10/11/08

Up 100g to 87.9kg... but TTOM came today so I am feeling really positive as I usually gain about 1 kilo each month! And I have sucessfully avoided my usual pre-menstrual choccy binge- somehow!

This morning on my home scales I was 86.5kg- that is the lowest ttom number I have seen in.. well.... over 2 years!

And I am feeling really motivated! I had weight watchers last night and I decided to leave a little earlier and ride my bike there. It was just lovely to slow down for a minute and take everything in. The ride there was a little scary with big trucks whooshing past me- but the ride home, I went a different way. I rode along the Maribyrnong river track. The sun was setting and it made the river shimmer pink and orange. There were bunnies everywhere (in Footscray??) and I wondered why I didn't do it more often.

After last night's ride I didn't feel like driving to work today so I left early and caught the train/tram and bus to get here. It was really nice getting out into the crisp morning air and just take my time. I was able to help motorcyclist who fell off his bike (he was ok but needed help getting his bike off the road) and I wouldn't have been there had I driven. I also got a lovely free coffee from my used up loyalty card- which I wouldn't have thought to do had I driven.

And- best of all, I got to work early and was able to ease my way into the morning.

The moral of the story.... just slow down! Plan to have more time by leaving early or deciding not to do something unimportant.

Have a good day!

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Cinders said...

A very good moral to your story Ash and you sound very motivated and happy :)

Miss Milo said...

Lovely post Ash :) It's great to hear you sounding so motivated!

And lucky you re the heart rate monitor! Woohoo!!