Thursday, 14 May 2009

A pain in the...

... left foot! The "other" foot from my previous ankle injury... My self-diagnosis is that in limping around for so long on the right ankle, the left one has been under too much pressure and has spit the dummy. That is a medical term... look it up!

Anyway!! Sore feet and all, I got out of bed at 5:30 this morning and did my second weights session for the week. After a tough session on Tuesday night I was feeling pretty weak this morning! I have another weights session on Saturday in which I will probably feel just as sore. I just have to keep remembering that sore is GOOD as it means the muscles will have to re-build themselves bigger and stronger!

John and I were admiring my newly uncovered biceps last night and that was enough incentive to keep doing it! I can actually do proper push-ups now! Well, about 11 and then I have to drop to my knees, but a few months ago I couldn't do 1!

So even without all the intense cardio I have still managed to lose more weight this week. Only 300g but it is surely better than nothing! I am now 84kg on the button and looking forward to seeing the 83s. I was actually a bit surprised with my loss this week as I have had a pretty slack time with food. Oh well, I won't complain!

I have yummy breakfasts planned for this week! I got inspired in the supermarket last night when I saw Carman's bircher muesli on sale for $4.oo. I grabbed a box and a litre of organic fat free natural yoghurt, mixed it all together with grated apple and I have enough breakfasty-type-food to sink a battle ship! It really makes a lot and it just gets better with age in the fridge (not too long!). I also got some wholegrain english muffins and ABC butter (almond, cashew, brazil). Molly loves it and it has nothing yukky added to it. MMMM!

Anyway, that's enough from me today! Hope you're all doing well.

FYI (and my accountability)- My food diary
B. Bircher muesli
S. 1 english muffin with ABC butter
L. Beef and veggie soup, 1 apple and a skim latte
S. Tuna and beans thingy
D. Grilled fish with steamed broccoli, cauli, carrot, pumpkin
S. Jarrah chocolatte (and apple if hungry)

Exercise: Weights 50 min circuit + warm up and stretching
H20: 2 litres

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Cinders said...

I love the sound of the ABC butter. Where do you get it from? Well done on the pushups - you'll be doing more in no time.

Shauna said...

ABC BUTTER! Oh man that sounds like a genius invention.

Well done on... well, everything! Too many good things to list, hehe :)

skinny latte said...

I think I might need to get some ABC butter from Holland and Barrett this weekend!!

Sounds like you're doing so well.

PS: I have PS I love you to watch tonight, stupid Blockbuster was out of it on Wednesday! xx

Nicky said...

I'm confused (or just plain stupid)
Have you already mixed the muesli and yoghurt?
Doesn't the muesli go soggy?