Saturday, 27 September 2008

I have had a better week this week...

... except for that fish and chip shop burger I just had- but apart from that, it's all good!! One thing that is not working in my fvour is that weigh in is on a Monday NIGHT! After the weekend where I often loosen the reins a bit- oh well, just goes to show I shouldn't loosen them so much!

After last weeks lousy effort I decided to be more on top of things this week. On the exercise front I have been much better-

Sunday: run with Michelle
Tuesday: 2 games of netball
Wednesday: jogged the tan without stopping and duid some pushups and crunches
Thursday: Walked nearly 8kms home from work and around the shops
Today: Group PT (boot camp style)
Tomorrow: Meeting HBC girls at the Tan for a training session

And my eating has been much better too. So hopefully the burger wont undo all my good work. I plan to have a really good day tomorrow with some muesli and skim for brekky, a ham, cheese and tomato toastie for lunch, fruit for snacks and a chicken salad for dinner. Yum!

There is much festivity outside tonight after the Hawks win at the AFL grand final- fingers crossed our car is in one piece in the morning as ther are loads of drunken bodies roaming up and down our street!

Hope you're all thinking healthy!!

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Kathiej said...

I use to WI on MOndays too...I hated it
I now WI on Sat mornings
Keep up the good work