Tuesday, 23 September 2008

A post for Miss Milo:

Q. What do you put in your couscous salad?
A. I usually roast some onion, tomato, zucchini, pumpkin and sweet potato and throw it through some couscous (I soak it in stock first but you can just use water) with balsamic dressing and tzatsiki. I have seen it with olives in it too but I'm not an olive kind of gal! It's yummy with fetta cheese too!

Q. And what yoghurt dressing do you use??
A. When I say yoghurt dressing I really mean home made tsatziki. It's just some greek yoghurt with garlic and cucumber. It's always nicer if you can be bothered to cook off the garlic first. Or just go and buy some off the shelf!

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missmilo said...

Your salad and dressing sound delish hon! Thanks for sharing :)

Congrats on your weight loss... sounds as though you are back in the right mindset again, so I'm sure you'll have a fantastic week.

The run pics look great, too! Remember that you look even more fit and healthy than that in real life missy!

See you soon I hope!