Tuesday, 16 September 2008

8kms and more weight lost!!

Good morning all!

Sunday's run/walk was great! My ankle held up well and didn't even swell afterwards! It was such gorgeous weather although the wind was a bit challenging- I really need a hat to keep my hair in check I think!

I walked about 2/3 of the course which I was happy with but am looking forward to pushing myself a bit harder for the next one! So it's back to training for me now that I know the ankle is ok!

After the run I headed to the Abbotsford Convent "Lentil as Anything" restaurant to meet fellow blogger Miss Milo for a much needed catch up- she's looking absolutely fab! I can see an amazing difference in her body- but moreso in her demeanor and self esteem. Love you Miss M!!

I had weight watchers last night and had a lovely loss of 700g which is right on track (My aim is to lose between 500g and 1kilo per week). I really love my group- I am organising to meet up with one girl for a walk next week! Yay!

That'll do from me for now- Hope you all have a great day!

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Cinders said...

Glad the ankle held up well Ash and well done on another loss. Yes we should get together for a walk at some stage but my weekends have been taken over by a 6yo.

Ashwee said...

He can come!!

missmilo said...

Congrats on the loss beautiful! So proud of you!!

I'm glad you've found such a great WW group, and that you're making friends... that's fab! Such a bummer that I don't still work in Footscray or you and I could go walking all the time!

I had so much fun on our catch-up and would love to see you again soon. Maybe we should try to organise that video night/day? :)

See you soon lovely! Mwah! Hope you're having a great week :)

Yummy Mummy said...

Great ... great.. great...

Great effort with your 8km
great that you ankle held up
grat loss at WW...

as for tea...
I am making a fritta for tea... egg, sundried toms, pumpkin, fetta, little flour, little cheese maybe bacon if I can fidn some in the freezer, parsley and bake in oven..