Friday, 5 September 2008

Yummy thing!

Creamy "Joghurt" or "Yelly"

Make up jelly as normal (diet or not- whatever floats your boat) but replace some of the cold water with some low fat yoghurt and refrigerate to set for about 5 hours.


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Lauren said...

My boyfriend eats two packets of jelly (made up) and a litre of yoghurt in one sitting, so perhaps I'll try this new recipe!

Hope your ankle is feeling better, it looks so swollen and painful in those photos.

Fragile Feminist said...

My mum makes this! It was a favorite as a kid, way better than icecream

PastaQueen said...

That sounds like an interesting taste concoction.

Brooke said...

Hey chickadee, I've just been reading some of your archives from when you first got to goal... so inspiring. You should reread your archives whenever you are lacking motivation!

Talk to you soon... let's meet up for a walk sometime!