Saturday, 25 July 2009

I have decided not to be negative...

Ok... I am pulling myself out of the slump... (I just realised that I am even sitting up straighter in saying that!)

I do not want to be negative...

So maybe I ate some chips... Maybe I had a square of chocolate hedgehog... Does that undo the months and months of good eating, excellent exercise and top water intake?? Does it undo the mental work I have done and make me put on the almost 40 kilos I have lost?? Will that waste away my hard earned muscles???


I am a strong woman and I have goals.. One of them is to be able to live as a confident person who is totally accepting of herself whether she is a size 10 or the size of a house. I love myself too much to fall into a hole of self-pity and loathing. Another, is to be an excellent PT- and being able to set the example of how to overcome a hurdle is one way of doing that!

So, moving forward!

This week I am back to normal life... eating well, and exercising...

Exercise plan:
Tonight: Get John to drop me approx 5km from mum's house and jog there before John's birthday dinner
Sunday: walking with workmate 1 hour
Monday: SIL cardio
Tuesday: SIL weights
Wednesday: Early morning run or ride if it's not too windy
Thursday: SIL weights
Friday: have a well earned rest- maybe take Molly out on the bike if it's not windy.

Food Plan:
Meal 1: oats with grated apple and lsa or ground almonds or eggs, sweet potato and spinach omelette
Meal 2: boiled egg and apple or yoghurt and apple or avocado on rice crackers
Meal 3: chicken/corned beef/fish and veg/salad or chicken and veg soup
Meal 4: same as meal 2
Meal 5: slow cooked casserole style something with piles of veggies
Meal 6: if hungry, Kek's paleo or souffle style sweet omelette (meals 2 and 4 could be this too)

There.. I feel so much better- ready to face the rest of the day/week etc feeling strong...

I am in contol..


4 of you love me enough to comment...:

Shelley said...

Thats awesome Ash you will be fine it sounds like a great plan I might even have to look at trying some of the meals they look yummy

you can do this xoxoxo Shell

Kek said...

Low blood sugar can make you feel flat - and make you reach for the nearest sugary treat.

As for the scales: if weight is up but BF% is down, then you can guarantee that you're holding fluid. Especially if you FEEL heavy. Could be from the chips etc yesterday, could be hormonal, could be lots of things. Whatever the reason, with good nutrition it'll disappear in a few days.

Never be afraid to play the oats & protein card when you feel blah - even if carb depletion isn't the problem, it's a good meal and can't do you any harm. And at the very least it's warm and yummy. :p

karen said...

Way to pick yourself up & dust yourself off! Now ... I NEED to know more about the souffle style sweet omelette, please :)

Anonymous said...

Good on you, Ash! Great attitude to have...sometimes you need to look at how much you have achieved!