Monday, 30 June 2008

1st running session completed!

I have just returned from the gym where I completed my 1st Couch to 5k session!

It wasn't bad at all- I am definately fitter than when I started running last time because I just remember hating it so much! But I LOVED it today, knowing that in 5 weeks I will be able to run 5k (hopefully!).

The session went for about 26 or 27 minutes with a warm up at the beginning. I am LOVING the Pod Runner MP3- Google it! It really made the time fly. It's so easy, you just run at the tempo of the music!!

I left my exercise at that half hour today as I am known for going too hard too soon. I was tempted to do some weights but I might just try and get a few running sessions out of the way before I start adding in anything that might make me too sore to run.

Nicky has decided to do it with me too and I am very excited to have a training buddy (even if it is only online)- the support is invaluable! We can do it Nicky!

I was just thinking I might be cheeky and ask people I know to sponsor me to do some events this year as I have just realised that if I am relying solely on my own funds I am not going to be able to enter many events at all as we are quite broke. So if you feel the urge to support me drop me an email me with how much you would like to contribute. I will be hitting my family for cash too and they are always pretty generous with their wallets!!

Can you tell I'm feeling good!?

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Nicky said...

Hurrah to you! Good girl!
I didn't get my 1st session done as we went out, again.
We were meant to be going out again tonight but I think it may be cancelled!
I have printed the table out and it's in my "gym" (the guest room!)
Hurrah to Ash!
P.S - If I could afford to sponsor you I would!

AlleyCat said...

Well done Ash! You inspired me to hit the gym myself last night. You will be running in no time!!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Well done Ash.... I sooooooo wanted to be able to run..when i downloaded the podcasts My first time out my hip pain was excruciating ..I was gutted... then by the time I got that sorted out I was working full time and have never gotten back to it... too bloody cold now to even contemplate doing it at night... bring on better weather and who knows..maybe i will be able to do it too!