Sunday, 6 July 2008

My 1st run!

I did it- I have registered for he first of (hopefully) many runs before the end of the year. I am competing in the Olympic Dream 10k run/walk on July 27th, giving me a few weeks to prepare.

Having completed the 1st week of Cto5k I feel confident that I will be able to run at least 5 of the 10km.

Had a bit of a lazy food-filled holiday in Daylesford (a mini-break with the mini-family... Just Me, John and Molly) and ate too many yummy sweet things but managed to get in a decent veggie packed meal for dinner every night. We were in Daylesford because John had a gig in Bendigo on Saturday and we wanted to make the most of it!!

I am not going to weigh this week as I think it will depress me but am going to just concentrate on having a great healthy week this week. I made a delicious pasta throw-together meal tonight and am having it for lunch tomorrow. It was wholegrain pasta with steamed and chopped cauli and broccoli mixed with light cream cheese and salsa. It went together really well!!

I had a quick bite of lunch in Bendigo with Beckie, Scott and new baby Morrison (who slept the whole time and Scott, being the good dad he is, wouldn't let us pick him up for a cuddle in case we woke him...). Beckie looks great and bub is so cute!! Thanks for coming out to see me Beck!
Molly did something really funny today. John was walking with her and she stopped and said "Molly Fart!" and squatted down and let one rip! Then she walked a few paces and did it again... and then again! How funny!! Then later on I asked her if she could fart and she strained for a minute before saying "fart stuck mummy!"

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Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Roflmao.... Molly is a classic.... hahahaha

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

Oh and good luck with the run.... sounds like fun!

Kate said...

good luck with the running ash - you can dooo it!

LMAO @ molly, how funny! Fart stuck - lol

Chris H said...

NICE GIRL YA GOT THERE! Kids really are precious with what they can come out with (words I mean, not farts).... it never really stops either, they just get better at saying the wrong thing at the wrong time! Still cute though. Running - yep good luck with that, I'm hopeless at running! I don't even WANT TO anymore!

Nicky said...

LOL Molly! How classic!
Oh I am so proud of you signing up for the run!!!!!!

Melissa said...

oh my goodness you so have me motivated with pod runner it is FABULOUS!!!!!!! thanks so much,!! I am impressed and looking forward to gettin back into running!!! x

Kek said...

Did you throw away those shakes yet??


Miss Beck said...

Thanks HEAPS for coming out to say hi. It was lovely to getaway from the house.

Molly is an absolute delight. Isn't it a blessing when people comment on your childs behaviour and development. The time you spending teaching her is obvious.

Now the fart, however, I gotta wonder...LOL Very funny. Mr 2.5yrs does the same. "'B' did popped off"

AlleyCat said...

Hehehe Funny Molly!!! Good luck with the running :0)