Thursday, 17 July 2008

Good day!

Hi there!

Today has been a really great day. I am in a very positive fame of mind and I have a sneaking suspicion that it may have something to do with all the extra exercise I am doing at the moment!!

Last night I did session2/week3 of C25k and it was challenging but very good. Then this morning I had personal training. I worked SO hard!! I am going to be sore tomorrow- I may not be so positive about tomorrow's run!!

My friend Linda is a personal trainer and has started up a 12 week fitness program thingy for our whole community to do. She has made each of us a passport and you have to accumulate "Kilometres" by doing exercise and make it around the world in 12 weeks. So for example, a 30 min walk is 500kms, nutrition group is 600kms, personal training is 800kms etc etc. And for the 12 weeks she has made 30 min PT sessions $5!! It's a great motivator. I'm already at Darwin and will be at Bangkok by Sunday! Woohoo!!

Nutrition group went really well. Lots of people showed up and we discussed food groups and balance and how to create a healthy meal easily. We will be focusing on food diaries and connecting emotions with food along with low budget meal planning and cooking sessions. It should be good! The community we're part of has a lot of low-income earners and many of the people who we hang out with are or have been homeless so we have to plan the sessions with that in mind. It's no good me saying "go and buy some lean meat and flaxseed oil" as people will quickly lose interest and stop coming as it is unachievable for them. I will be saying "here's how to soak dry beans for some protein and here's yummy things to do with them. Here's how many healthy veggies we can get from the Footscray Market for under $5 and here's what we can do with it"... We will also be focusing on growing our own veg as it is a cheap, healthy, community thing to do.

I have spent this afternoon cleaning out our fridge, shopping for the next week (yay! we have food in the house- and a nice clean fridge to put it in!!), washing clothes and nappies, and squeezing lemons (A LOT!!) for the lemon cordial I have just made. I feel very domesticated!!

I also made a delish chicken and veggie stirfry with buckwheat noodles and hoisin sauce. It was divine!

Molly is now in bed and I have the house to myself with not much to do except to put the left over squished out lemons in the compost.

Ahhh.. feeling great- now for a cup of tea!

PS. If you're feeling environmentally friendly go Google "Living the Good Life" by Linda Cockburn. This is the book I have devoured over the last month. It is about a family in Qld who decided to try to live "domestically sustainably"- ie. not spend a dollar, for six months.... it's a great read!

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Anonymous said...

I dunno how fast you're walking, but there's no way I (or anyone for that matter) can walk 500kms in 30 mins! lol

Ashwee said...


AlleyCat said...

you are a domestic goddess!! :0)

Miss Beck said...

Man! So many positive things in your life right now!

Ashwee said...

Yes, Beck... I am not taking it for granted... I'm blessed!