Sunday, 20 July 2008

Week 3 Cto5K

This evening I took 30mins out from a family gathering at Hubbie's ma and pa's place to do my 3rd run this week. It was a lot harder as my muscles are still so sore from Thursday (yes, I did stretch- but then we did 7kms of walking yesterday).

When I got back all red faced and sweaty I sat down and said to Molly "Mummy just went running!" and people in the room turned around and said "really?! you seemed to just leave the room a minute ago!".... that's how easy it is to squeeze exercise into your life. I am discovering more and more that it is consistency that matters more than HOURS and hours on end, slogging it out. Of course, it is good to exercise longer when you can, but the moral of the story is to fit it into your life when you can and where you can but make it a priority. It would have been very easy to rule out exercise today because of the family do, but I said I'd do it so I did. That is how I got to goal last time. Quit making excuses- make a plan and stick to it!!

So my food plan for tomorrow is;
B. avocado and light cheese on 1 slice of soy/lin toast (LOVE IT!)
S. a tub of low fat yoghurt and an orange
L. salmon, broccoli and cauliflower with melted cream cheese (YUM!)
S1. banana
S2. (need 2 snacks) small handful almonds

Tomorrow night we are out for dinner so I will have a sensible portion of whatever is served and will be passing on dessert.

Am going to upload some pics but will do it in a different post as it always stuffs up the formatting...


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AlleyCat said...

Well done Ash on getting in your run! You are completely right - consistency is the key & 30 mins is not much to ask of yourself is it!!!