Thursday, 31 July 2008

Running Photos...

Click here, then click on Olympic Dream- then enter bib number 169 to see some pics of me running.... none are good enough for me to buy so you wont get any on here!! Haha!

Have had a couple of non-working out days as I have been very busy! It seems that life is a bit all over the place at the moment and I'm a little stressed out. But I am not going to let that get in the way of my goals! Tomorrow morning I will be getting up early and going to do some weights at the gym before mum's group at 9:30. I don't wanna lift too heavy as I need to avoid being too sore on Sunday for my 2nd 10k run!

Found an old fat photo tonight which has spurred my on- never going there again!!!

I might scan it and put it on here..

Need to go to bed now!!

Very tirrrrrrred!

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