Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Netball, weights and nutrition group

We won netball last night. The other team was a really fun Islander family who didn't take it too seriously. Most of the boys obviously were better at basketball as they kept getting "OBSTRUCTION!!".. I think the umpires were getting frustrated having to pull them up so often. But we had a fantastic time and I did a good lot of sweating which is great!!

Have been reading Kek's blog a bit more recently and she's looking absolutely fantastic. In training for a women's bodybuilding competition. What an inspiration she is. She's inspired me to try to incorporate a bit more weight training into my running schedule. I don't want to sacrifice running time as I am committed to this thing. So here's my plan.

This week:
Monday: running
Tuesday: Netball
Thursday: Weights
Friday: running
Saturday: Weights

Ideally I would like to do running and weights on Mondays. Or netball and weights on tuesday. Will try this next week but don't want to burn out.

I am running a community nutrition group tonight and really need to get prepard! I have loads of ideas but need to get them into some kind of order. Any ideas would be welcome.

Week 1 will be looking at basic carb, protein, fat balance and looking at what a balanced meal looks like. I might also make a "match that nutrient" game where you match the name of the nutrient with what it does in your body and what foods you find it in.

Well, better get some work done!


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Chris H said...

Good to see you take one day off a week! Good luck with the Nutrition meeting, it sounds really interesting!

AlleyCat said...

Good on You Ash for your community work!!! Hope it went well, although I am sure your participants will have learnt lots & had fun!!!

Nicky said...

WOW How fantastic that you are doing a community nutrition meeting! I can't wait to hear how it goes