Monday, 14 July 2008

Headphones, body changes and sore toes!

I got some new “wrap around your ears” style headphones- a sure sign that I am taking this running caper seriously! My old ones were falling out of my ears as soon as I got sweaty.

I am finishing week 2 (albeit a little late) this afternoon after work and hope to have week 3 (3 sessions) done by Sunday. I think I will go do some weights at the gym this evening too.

I have not hopped on the scales in a few weeks and am feeling a lot better emotionally. I will jump on this coming weekend but until then I am going to enjoy my blissful ignorance! Over the last few days I have noticed a definite change in my body though! Looking in the mirror I can see my waist thinning out a bit and my PJ pants are looking and feeling looser. It’s a great feeling.

I am about to go and have a look at what other runs are on in the next few months because Mum has offered to pay the rego for the next one. Thanks Ma!! In fact, my whole family has put up their hand to help financially- so I have no excuse!

I need some new runners soon as my toes hurt every time I play netball!! So maybe I’ll start a shoe fund and put in 20 bucks a week or something. We are also saving for a bike seat for Molly so we can go for family bike rides. We are, like, so active!

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Chris H said...

Awesome goals chick... hope the scales are kind to you when you finally get on them. Baggy jama pants is a good sign.... lol

Melissa said...

Hey there, just passing by ... I am hooked on podrunner and I haveyou to thankyou thankyou thankyou!!! I am just finishing week 1 and as trying as it has been at times I am noticing a huge shift in my stamina already. Do you run it alone or with Molly in the pram? I have been parking Aaleaya up in the pram and doing laps of the oval, just wondering how it would go with the pram on a track or something!!!!!!???? Anyhow thanks again you have totally insired and motivated me xx