Saturday, 17 May 2008

Blood tests, Mother's day, Savers and the party!

Blood test results showed up that I am anaemic! This explains a lot of my crappy feelings and lack of energy recently.. and quite easily fixed which is nice!!

Mother's day was very special indeed- apart from Molly fainting in the morning (doc thinks if was a viral thing). I was greeted with a big bunch of tulips, a pair of explorer socks for chilly nights and a little box of favourites. Yum! But my favourite present is a CD that John and Molly made at the studio. John got Molly to say all these words and he put them together into a message.. I will try to work out how to put it on here for you to losten to. Any advice would be helpful. The message went something like this;

"Hello! Happy Mother's Day. Mummy, I love you mummy. Thank you for milk, hugs kisses and love. You make me happy. (general chattering and singing) I'm in a big room" (with lots of echo- very funny!)

I was so overcome with laughing and crying all at once I couldn't get any words out.

We had lunch with John's mum and dinner with mine- a jolly old time was had by all!

Savers is my new favoutite place. I got 3 tops and a jacket for the party tonight for less than 20 bucks.

The Party. Bazz is 25 this week and we are having a Rick Mayall party tonight- no one really knows what that means but I make a very ugly Rick Mayall cake today- photos to come!

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