Saturday, 20 June 2009

I really really DO want to get to goal!

I need to keep telling myself this!

Recently I have had a pretty successful time with food and exercise! I have been making plans and sticking to them.. And I have lost 3 kilos in the last month which I am super pleased with! The thing that is getting me frustrated is that when I start to do really well and begin losing weight I tend to sabotage my efforts by going off plan with food. A bit of custard or ice cream here, some chips there, a delicious Grilled burger here, a choc-coconut scone there... and all of a sudden I am not being the healthy person I want to be any more!! Lucky for me all the exercise I do has stopped me from gaining any weight.


I know from experience that the only way I can fail at this is if I stop trying to get back on track...

So here we go again!


Just one week.. no one DAY at a time!!

Food choices in the next week will come from the following list:

Egg white omelette with spinach, mushies and tomatoes
Fruit and yoghurt
Muesli and yoghurt or skim
A shake

Veggie soup
Salad and meat/bean wrap or sandwich on grainy bread
Leftover healthy dinner from prev. night
Grilled chicken with veggies and brown rice

Simple meat and low carb veggies

vita wheats or rice crackers with cottage cheese
protein bar
steamed veggies with brown rice
grilled chicken strips

One of my big problems is that I eat too much after dinner... I wouldn't be mentioning it if it was only a little low fat ice cream and fruit, but it's been a little outta control for me recently. So I have decided I am not eating after dinner any more unless we are out doing something special.. Herbal teas are just going to have to be my night time treat until I break the habit.

I have been so tempted to go back on shakes or the soup diet in preparation for starting my PT course... I must be feeling really insecure!! But have decided that I have come this far doing it the sensible way with real food.. and however long it is going to take, I need to finish it the same way.

Anywhoo.. better go do some work!


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Lucinda said...

and you WILL get to goal! :-)

Bethwyn said...

I am the same. I think to myself that I've done SO well with eating healthy and exercising that really I should reward myself with something naughty and that it's ok to buy chips and chocolate and take away on the weekend because I was so good for the last week, month, etc. It's a habit I need to break and am working on.

You're so close to goal, you will get there!

ani pesto said...

You will indeed - I don't doubt it for a second. Good luck putting your plan to work.

Way to go on your path to becoming a personal trainer too, that's awesome :-)

Catie said...

You are going to get to goal Ash! By doing it your way from start to finish, with no shakes or potions or fads Your story will be even more impressive when you tell your future clients. Youll be able to guide them and be living proof that healthy eating and exercise really is the key to long lasting weight loss!
I think we all have out little "naughty" things. Mine is eating 2 or 3 square of chocolate and NOT counting the calories in my daily log. Not an issue while Im still losing big numbers, but as I get closer to goal i know Im going to have to tweak things and eat cleaner to get the same results. Thats where youre at, tweaking to find the right foods that keep your body strogn and full of healthy energy.
Keep up the awesome work!

LBTEPA said...

so wise to pursue a sustainable method of keeping off the weight :) You'll get there and you'll be a great example to your clients too! How about you text me your address so I can drop the shoes off at your place? Our receptionist cracked it with me so I can't leave them with her any more!
Thanks for the comment too, I need all the encouragement I can get :)

Lejay said...

I like your idea of choosing from a list of foods. Might steal that one! I do the same as you - am so good - and then a little sneaks in here and there and before I know it I feel as though I am back at square one.

Olivia said...

You are SOOO going to get to goal, it's not even funny! :D

Danielle said...

What is it with sabotage?
It is a close friend of mine.... hate the mind sometimes!