Sunday, 3 February 2008

Hoi Hoi!

I have just registered for the 14.14km Run for the Kids on March 30!

Yay! Another challenge!! So there is about 2 months to prepare and by the race I hope to be at 79 kilos. I am currently 85 so thats six kilos in 2 months. Totally doable! The way I am going at the moment I will definitely be there by then!! I am so in the zone right now and having this run to look forward to will keep me on track.

Time to crack open a can of whoop-ass!

Yesterday marked the first inaugural "Footscray Fitness" Saturday morning circuit training session! It is run by my friend (and fitness instructor) at the community house in Droop Street and only costs a gold coin donation! 

I'm sore today which is FAB!

Bring it AWWWWN!!!


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Miss Beck said...

A gold coin donation? How's that for motivation!

The Run For the Kids is a great goal Ash. I'll be doing it one day soon.

Looking forward to see your can of whoopass opened!

LisaB said...

hi Ash,
More than happy to send an invite, but I need your email addy.
Mine is short.but.sweet.lisa at gmail dot com

Casdok said...

Good for you for entering a run! I couldnt do it!

Wanna_B_slimmer said...

You can soooo get down to that weight... I think my problem is at the moment i feel I have no goal or real incentive... I lost my weight and got my licence... I got my bike... and now I have just lost the plot!!!Thanks for dropping by.. I have you in my bloglines and catch up when you have updated...
Molly is still adorable...
I am so bummed that i cant get to meet all you mainland bloggers... oneday I will get there!!!