Monday, 11 February 2008

Weekend off!

This weekend (just gone) I decided I would have a little break from my strict plan and have a few things I have been wanting. While doing this I still wanted to be careful not to overdo it but just wanted a bit of freedom so I don’t end up feeling really deprived and bingeing.

So I cooked up some apple and cinnamon muffins and a tray of cannelloni (my fave!) and ate a sensible but delicious portion of each. So that’s out of my system and I am back on track today! Feeling good but it is amazing how quick your body gets used to something as I am really hungry again today. I know I don’t need more food than I am having right now but once you have a day or two off the plan it’s like you think you NEED more food… But it’s just not true!!

So I have made a delicious salad today with crunchy snow peas and alfalfa sprouts and mushies and I am looking forward to eating it soon! YUM!

I did my fitness circuit on Saturday and I’m still sore! Which is great as you need to slightly damage muscles before they can get bigger and stronger. This evening I am going for a nice walk along the Maribirnong River. NOICE!

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Miss Beck said...

That is a really healthy attitude to all that. I know so many who would throw it all to the wind and blow out for the week.