Thursday, 7 May 2009


I just registered for Around the Bay in a Day 2009!!!

For those who don't know this is a massive bike ride held on October 18th this year. I have entered the 210km option going from Melbourne to Sorrento and back.
I'm ok... I'm ok...
On a side note, I cut a lot of my hair off today.. It's now a nice bob thingy! I'll take a pic soon!

4 of you love me enough to comment...:

ali said...

That sounds awesome!

I'd jut make sure you have a nice comfortable seat! :O)

Kitteh said...

you'll be fine! As I said on HBC I am in awe of you :)
now, piccys of the new hair do please! LOL

Jadey 0:-) said...

Well done babe. It's a gutsy move but you have heaps of time to train for it and on the day I am sure you will be more than ready and capable of the task.

I'm in awe of your acheivements and constant fiorard strides in your life.

ani pesto said...

210km Wow!!

I too am in awe, and have no doubt you'll triumph.