Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Get back in the groove!

I have been so on top of my eating over the last month. I think having an injury made me step up to the plate and eat more high quality foods and less junk/calories as I knew I wasn't burning as much with little to no cardio.

Anywhoo, I'm back on the cardio wagon. I did 3 hours of cycling yesterday! But with the cardio comes more hunger! So my challenge for this week is to focus on good quality high protein snacks (particularly in the 2nd half of each day) so I don't have an all out sugar binge after dinner.

Today's food looks like this:

B. 1 egg and 3 white omelette with spinach, fetta and bacon
S. mango smoothie
L. Ham, cheese and tomato on wholemeal bread
S. tuna
D. Mayra's cooking- not sure but usually healthy!

I am also going to try not having anything after dinner as it is a destructive habit I have been in. If I really want something I can have tea or a Jarrah chocolatte.

Had a lovely brunch with Linda, Brookie and Cat on Sunday which began with a stroll around the Tan. A lovely way to start the day! Thanks ladies!

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Mex said...

hey ash! thanks for sending me the link to your blog. i am so out of the loop these days.

just a few questions...

did you ever get around to posting your shopping list? i am always interested to hear what people buy and im trying to get on top of this myself.

and secondly - what do you do with the left over egg yolks??

Anonymous said...

3 hours on a bike!
Bloody hell!!!!